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Twitter Thinks Henry Cavill Would Be The 'Perfect' James Bond

Rae Batchelor

There aren't a lot of roles in Hollywood that get passed down from actor to actor, so when you're up for one, it's a pretty big deal. Henry Cavill already won that honor once when he was cast as Superman, and now there are rumors swirling that he'll be winning the honor once again now that the role of James Bond will be going to a new actor.

James Bond is one of the most iconic roles in Hollywood.


While Daniel Craig currently holds the title, he's indicated he's not interested in doing any more films once No Time To Die is finished.

Many actors like Idris Elba or Tom Hiddleston have been tossed around for the part by fans, but it looks like Twitter has decided that Henry Cavill is the right choice.

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Henry has already played some iconic parts, like Superman and Sherlock Holmes.

He's also been winning hearts in Netflix's The Witcher recently, and it seems like that might be enough to get Twitter on board for him as James Bond.

Henry himself is pretty interested in the part: "I would absolutely jump at the opportunity," he told British GQ.

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"I would love to play Bond, it would be very, very exciting.”

Fans, of course, are definitely very down for the idea.

"Although it will NEVER happen, the Absolute Perfect actor for the Bond role is: Henry Cavill. Having played Superman pretty much disqualifies him forever unfortunately," one fan tweeted.

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Fans are looking at his part work to make their point.

"Just rewatched The Man From UNCLE and was reminded how much fun that movie is and how it was the perfect audition for Henry Cavill as James Bond," a fan tweeted.

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