Man Discovers Secret Well In His House After His Friend Falls Through The Floorboards

If you've ever purchased an old house, you know that they can sometimes come with hidden mysteries. Oftentimes these aren't discovered until some kind of accident occurs.

That's exactly the case in this story. A man moved into his new home, only to find out it had an old well. As you'll see, the discovery of this secret well happened quite dramatically.

It all started when a new tenant was moving into an old house that was apparently built back in 1843.

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His friends were helping him move some stuff when one of them suddenly felt a strong crack beneath their feet.

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Then, to the horror of everyone, the friend plunged into some kind of a shaft.

Facebook | Guilford Police Department

It turns out there was actually an old well, hidden under the floorboards, that was inside of the house. The man plunged about 20 to 30 feet.

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He then found himself in extremely cold water that was well over his head.

Facebook | Guilford Police Department

Luckily, the homeowner's wife was able to call 911 and they arrived quickly to help. When Connecticut's Guilford Police Department arrived they realized they had their work cut out for them.

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They quickly sprung into action to rescue the man.

Facebook | Guilford Police Department

At first, they threw him a life jacket so he could stay afloat. Then, they used a hauling system to get him out to safety. After about 20 minutes he was rescued.

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Luckily, the man only suffered some minor injuries from the fall and from being in such cold water.


Things could have gone much worse for him if he had broken his leg or something. He could have easily drowned, too.

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As it turns out, the house was initially built nearly two centuries ago.

Unsplash | Frederick Tubiermont

At the time the well was most likely located outside. Then, in 1981, it went under renovations and an extension was built over the well. But, it wasn't covered up properly.

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The only thing that was done to cover up the well was just some simple wood flooring that gave out after time.

Unsplash | Neven Krcmarek

There was no subfloor, well cap, or anything else, according to the police department's Facebook post about the incident.

What do you think of that, huh? That's must've been quite the shock for the homeowners.

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I can't even imagine finding something like this in my home.

Unsplash | Valentin Lacoste

And to make matters worse, it was discovered in such a dramatic and dangerous fashion. I bet the homeowners must feel pretty awful about it. Thankfully, they have since covered up the well properly so this sort of accident doesn't happen again.

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What do you think of this story, huh?

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This is the type of thing you would hear as a major news story headline, and indeed we are talking about it right here. I'm just glad it has a happy ending. Am I right?

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