8+ DIY Halloween Costumes Even Non-Crafty People Can Make

Brittany Rae 9 Oct 2020

Are you crafty, or are you absolutely helpless with a hot glue gun? Are you somewhere in between? That's alright! These DIY Halloween costumes are for absolutely everyone, including those who have glued their fingers together more than once (me, it's me).

From ghosts to witches, these costumes will have you lookin' Halloween ready in no time.

1. This costume is ALL the rage right now.

Thanks to TikTok, the simple ghost sheet costume is trending across the internet. Pop one of these on and you'll have an instant, easy costume that is also timely!

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2. All you'll need for this one is some pigtails and headband!

Darla from Finding Nemo is such a great costume, especially because you won't need much to create her iconic braces moment with a headband in front of your face!

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3. Bob and Linda, reporting for burger duty.

I absolutely love couple and family costumes themed after the Belchers from Bob's Burgers. This one isn't hard — you'll need some aprons, a red shirt, and some novelty glasses!

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4. When it doubt, go for Ariana.

You'll need super high ponytail and an oversized sweater to pull off the Ariana look. Don't forget to contour your face! Also, friendly reminder that pants are absolutely optional with this costume.

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5. Wednesday Addams is perfect for those of us with all-black wardrobes.

A simple costume wig is all that's needed to put together a Wednesday Addams look. The all-black ensemble will tell the rest of the story for you!

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6. The scarecrow is at true DIY classic.

I mean, how easy is this? Pick up, thrift, or use your existing farmer best (aka jeans and a plaid shirt), grab a hat, and pull up a YouTube tutorial on how to paint those stitches.

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7. This DIY shield of Captain America's is a delight.

You don't have to buy an existing shield for your kid to go as their favorite superhero! Cutting circles out of cardboard and even having your child help paint will easily create an adorable tiny shield.

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8. Get batty with it.

You'll need some little ears, and some scrap black fabric. Remember, you don't have to be good at sewing to make those wings — you just need to be able to use a pair of scissors and some hot glue.

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9. Millennials will love this one.

It's Beret Girl from A Goofy Movie! This costume involves makeup even a kid could do, a purple wig, and a black beret. Throw on an all-black look and you're good to go!

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10. Ready to rob some banks?

If you can't find a striped shirt, a simple white shirt will do. Pick up some electrical tape and make those strips yourself, as well as the "$" symbol on the bag! Don't forget the novelty money, okay?

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11. This tiny jetpack has me over the moon.

This is for those who are pretty up there on the craft-loving scale, or those that are really ambitious. This has big Buzz Lightyear vibes, don't you think?

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12. When in doubt, hide your face.

A blonde wig, some black dye, and an oversized bow are all you'll need to create the perfect Sia look. You can hide your whole face under those bangs!

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13. This costume is easy AND punny.

Party animals! Pick up some party favors from the dollar store, a pair of cat ears, and a cat makeup kit from your local Spirit Halloween. (What did your Spirit Halloween used to be? Mine was a Forever 21.)

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14. This is a great little costume for kids!

Dress your toddler up in Boo's finest with a simple, oversized pink-orange shirt and some pigtails! This costume is unmistakeable as it is heart-meltingly adorable. I would give this kid extra candy, not gonna lie.

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