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16+ People Who Made Us Wonder Why They Act This Way

There was likely a point in each of our childhoods when our parents just looked at us with nothing but sheer bewilderment on their faces.

It was clear from the lack of yelling that they weren't mad but disappointment also kind of seems like the wrong word for it. They may have reached disappointment if they knew what was going on but all they could muster was confusion and slight exhaustion.

While there were likely a lot of points in my development when I earned this reaction, I know for a fact that the period where I made up my own slang and didn't actually tell anyone what any of it meant was a prime example.

Well, let it never be said that things can't come full circle because after we see these pictures, we'll have a lot of insight into how our parents felt.

1. Unless they're an absolute sadist, I don't see any reason why somebody would design a toilet like this.

Reddit | Wurslow

Obviously, whoever came up with the swinging toilet never pictured themselves either using it or cleaning it because those both seem like horrifying experiences.

Who asked for this?

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2. Although it's kind of a cute idea, there's a pretty good reason why they don't let you take an ID photo with a friend.

Reddit | TheCatWasAsking

Let's put it this way, people are already suspicious when someone uses a group photo as a Tinder profile. So how well would you guess it works against the people who actually make the rules?

Might as well just hold up a sign that says, "This is a fake ID."

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3. In a way, I guess we can call this a collaborative art project.

Reddit | Olivger

According to the uploader, someone carved this big bunny out of the stump of an oak tree. After that, it was apparently painted by random passers-by.

I feel like that explains a lot about it.

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4. As strange as it looks, this is probably a pretty savvy business decision if it is an actual hearse.

Reddit | difficultlad

I think it's a fairly safe bet that there are people out there who would pay good money to make sure that their final voyage takes place in a Camaro.

Of course, if this isn't actually a hearse, we're back to square one in the quest to figure out why this happened.

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5. I can't say that I've ever woken up one day and decided that my toes needed to look like French fries.

Reddit | GloveInteresting

And even if this seems like a good idea on paper, I'm not sure how many people would still feel that way after they walked around with the little containers on their feet for a while.

Those things are not designed for comfort, folks.

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6. I know that it's not unheard of for animals to accidentally get shipped inside of produce but this definitely seems like an unlikely accident.

Reddit | FatherTime-

So either a snake somehow found its way into the inner working of a bottling plant or somebody thought this would be a hilarious prank.

I think those are both pretty nightmarish scenarios.

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7. People often worry that their kids will emulate the behavior they see on TV but it looks like they should've been watching their pets just as closely.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

For instance, this dog watches one Kool Aid commercial and then every wall suddenly seems like it needs a giant hole in it.

And if that's not what happened here, then I'm stumped.

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8. This keyboard is absolutely perfect if you have no intention whatsoever of actually using it.

Reddit | sajomes

Because while I can't deny there's something very satisfying about it, there's no way that it's even remotely kind on your fingers.

Not to mention the fact that a lot of these foods don't line up with their corresponding letters. K for popcorn? Kernels, I guess?

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9. Although this is pretty strange, it's also compelling enough that I'm not surprised the uploader immediately bought it.

Reddit | Evodius

I mean, it's hard to deny that the work is expressive as that carousel horse really does seem like it's in despair right now.

Have you ever seen something that's hilarious and lowkey haunting at the same time?

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10. I'm probably not supposed to find this design decision as funny as I do.

Reddit | lajosyext

I'm sure whoever made this thought the gas mask made their motorcycle look like the vehicle of a rugged, cool lone wanderer.

But in my mind, it just kind of makes it look like a post-apocalyptic Thomas the Tank Engine.

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11. Speaking of a post apocalypse, that's also the only setting where I can see these bizarre accessories working.


If you wear this now, you're probably just going to scare some beleaguered employee at a Wendy's drive-thru.

But when things go full _Mad Max _, you can become Ignatius The Tooth Fairy and that'll probably give you enough clout to form your own band of road warriors.

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12. There are a lot of reasons why Disney shouldn't own literally all of our favorite cartoons but I think we've just found a new one.

Reddit | Johnding6

I'm not saying that they'll immediately produce this abomination once they get Spongebob and the last of Jim Henson's muppets, but I'd prefer to make sure the chances of that happening are as close to zero as possible.

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13. I'm not sure exactly how high up this roof is but this dude is definitely as far from being afraid of heights as you can get.

Reddit | WhereKanyeAt

It's not even the fact that he's dangling off the ledge that gets me, it's how casual he is about it. He actually seems like he finds this kind of boring.

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14. This scene leaves us with a lot of questions but I can definitely say that this DJ has an incredibly good friend.

Reddit | Pxlate2

Be honest, if someone asked you to plank across their speakers for a half an hour so they could do their set, would you say yes?

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15. Hey, did you ever wish you could ride an alligator that had the legs of a horse?

Reddit | cas2ie

If you answered "yes," then you'll be very pleased to learn that a bike in Louisiana gives you exactly that rare opportunity.

If you answered, "huh?" then congratulations, you and the rest of the world are on the same page.

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16. This picture seems like the very definition of "weird flex but OK."

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

I mean, I suppose it's quite impressive that this man is strong enough to hold his leg so high in the air while a large dog dangles from it.

I'm just not sure what possessed him to try that. Well, at least the dog seems to be having fun.

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17. I don't know about you but this is the first time I've seen a second-story pet door.

Reddit | a-Boon-Bag

Granted, I'm sure that a cat would have no issue navigating something like this.

I just know that there would eventually be one morning where I open this door and tumble into my driveway, probably while hitting a few rungs on the way down.

No, thanks.

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18. I'm sorry to burst this person's bubble but that's not going to work the way they think it will.

Reddit | Clowz

Even if I had confidence in this idea in general (I don't), the fact that they put Mentos in the funnel part likely means the reaction will just happen upwards before it gets anywhere near the mints in the bottle.

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19. Although it makes the most sense to put this decal over the gas cap, that doesn't mean the decal itself makes any sense.

Reddit | a_lightbulb_

I really can't imagine what anybody would hope to accomplish by spraying themselves in the face with gasoline.

Because unless they want to make their hair even more flammable than it already is, they're probably going to be disappointed.

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20. For most of the other images on this list, I can at least tell what I'm looking at even if I don't know why it's there.

Reddit | lostintranslation01

But other than letting you know that it was found in an Australian antique shop, I couldn't possibly tell you what this is supposed to be.

I'm not sure I want to know either.

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