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Beetle-Inspired Coffee Table Spreads Its Wings So You Can Have More Space

It's fun, it's unique, and it has wings that will carry all of your favorite snacks and beverages.

This beetle-inspired coffee table is named Elytra, which is the hard layering that protects beetles and their fragile wings.

Crafted by Radhika Dhumal, a furniture designer with a creative mind, these tables are designed to represent the anatomy of a beetle, which is totally beet-iful.

Forget the flight of the bumblebee, it's all about the flight of the beetle.

Made with a solid wood frame, these tables are able to mimic the movements of beetles as they open up their wings.

Once expanded, the wings won't disrupt the centrepiece of the table. Just as the beetle's wings can effortlessly expand, so does the table.

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This coffee table is taking the furniture game to new heights.

The attention to detail in this coffee table truly sets it apart from the rest. When completely spread out, Elytra’s wings reach a 90-degree angle.

With no sharp edges, the roundness of this table is incredibly one of a kind.

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Dhumal is building a name with her beetle table.

Dhumal has taken home some pretty impressive awards for this table, and it's no surprise.

She took home the Elle Deco International Design Award for her brilliant idea and received several invitations to present the table to those in the furniture world.

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This beetle table isn't ready to fly away into our homes just yet.

Whether you're a beetle fan or not, there's hardly any denying how interesting and creative this table is.

Sadly, Dhumal is still the only one with access to this innovative piece, as it's not for sale.

Who knows, in a few years, we may all be able to take home a beetle table.

Let us know if you're a fan of this table in the comments!

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