8+ People Who Messed Up On The Job At Hand

Even though I'm a perfectionist, sometimes I, too, make mistakes. That happens to the best of us. It can even happen when we're on the job.

Most times, it's just little things that don't mean too much like a minor spelling gaffe or a missed deadline. However, there are those instances when people really screw up, and when they do it can be quite dramatic.

1. When You're The New Guy

Reddit | walskov

This is what happens when you're so nervous because you're the new guy on the job. This person wasn't exactly thinking right when they poured hot fryer grease into a plastic bucket. Oh, this clean-up is gonna suck.

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2. These Patio Umbrellas

Reddit | SueddahtL

I get that this patio umbrella has holes to stop it from toppling over. But, correct me if I'm wrong, wouldn't the sun still get through them? That's not the kind of sunburn I'm looking for.

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3. This Construction Site

Reddit | minecraftplayerpog

I honestly don't even understand what's going on at this construction site. Somehow, I don't think this structure is sound in any shape or form. I wouldn't get on that ladder if I was a worker here.

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4. This Stained Floor

Reddit | mancerayder39

If you're so lazy that you can't even lift up some furniture before you stain the floor, I have no words for you. Now you're going to have to spend extra time fixing the boo-boo that you did.

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5. This Guy's Lunch

Reddit | Ohaithair

This guy hasn't eaten for 12 hours while on a road trip. He then finally ordered a regular beef 'n’ cheddar roast beef at Arby’s along the way. This is what he received. Somebody's clearly more tired than he is.

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6. This Lost Cargo

Reddit | goodgrains

Speaking of being tired, perhaps that is what happened to this truck driver. I bet he thought he tied this cargo down, when, in fact, he didn't. Good luck explaining that to your boss. I bet he's not gonna like that.

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Is it just me or do these urinals look just a little bit too close for comfort? Even though I'm not a guy, I feel uncomfortable just looking at them here. I would have thought installing just one there would've been enough.

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8. This Bike Lane

Reddit | 10art1

If you were asked to dig up a trench in this bike lane and then finish the job by filling it in, wouldn't you just do it? Turns out this person started but didn't bother finishing it.

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9. This Ink Incident

Reddit | Bicemond

"The late shift technician tried to change the printer cartridge in the lab last night, sucks for him but I lol'd [sic] for a full minute." Aww, that's so mean. He's not gonna have fun cleaning that up.

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10. This Road Turn


Um, it seems to me that whoever painted this road turn forgot how the rules of the road work. There's no way anybody can turn right while being all the way in the left lane. This is an accident waiting to happen.

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11. This Countertop

Reddit | 2317

Would it be too much to ask to have your countertop installed on straight? Apparently so in this case, ha, ha! I gotta admit, looking at this shoddy job would drive me crazy every day.

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12. This Towing Job

Reddit | BopGunn

I hope this doesn't happen the next time you call for a tow truck. They had one job — to attach your car to their truck. And they couldn't even get that right. OMG, that's so bad.

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13. No Crying Over Spilled Milk

Reddit | Murican_Freedom1776

I wouldn't be totally surprised if this person did cry over spilled milk after seeing what happened here. But look at the bright side — at least the whole thing didn't topple over, huh?

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Oh wow, looking at these work mistakes makes me feel a lot better knowing that even my worst screw-ups weren't as bad as these.

Giphy | TV One

Good luck recovering your face from these terrible gaffes. But hey, at least tomorrow is another day. Right?

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