9+ Genius Halloween Costumes That Went Viral On TikTok

Brittany Rae 14 Oct 2020

TikTok has blessed us with many things: viral challenges, hilarious videos, and now, Halloween costumes. Who knew that this video platform would be the next DIY costume vision board. Take a look at some of these costumes from TikTokkers that were so good, they actually went viral.

1. First of all, please look at this cat.

TikTok | @one_eared_uno

Uno the one-eared cat took a trip to PetSmart and tried on Halloween costumes! My favorite is definitely this little princess dress. It has big Elsa vibes.

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2. The TikTok classic.

TikTok @nickibaber

Are you even on TikTok if you haven't seen the ghost sheet trend? It's the hit of Fall 2020, and for good reason — it's an easy costume to wear a mask under. What a world we live in.

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3. So, this Jedi costume was made with pants.

TikTok | @nickymckenziek

Apparently, wrapping pants around your front and then belting it creates Jedi vibes. Throw some Hogwarts robes on, and BAM. Instant Jedi. Don't forget the Padawan braid/rat tail.

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This is just SO COOL. The oversized bow and the perfectly styled wig are good, but that unibrow deserves awards. It's so frickin' funny. Now, where's football head when you need him?

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5. Low budget Maleficent.

TikTok | @alinaevagrafova

So, you're not going to believe this, but this entire headpiece was made exclusively with tinfoil and tape. She built the cap out of tape and tinfoil, covered it in electrical tape, then made each horn. Insane.

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6. I want to try this costume.

TikTok | @reidogg

What you can't see is the end of this Slinky Dog costume, which is a whopping 21 people long. There were so many of them that they couldn't get a group picture of it. Iconic.

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7. A moving DVD screen!

TikTok | @porganpoody

She would move the little DVD button around the screen to simulate a real DVD player screen. Sometimes, the logo would bounce into the corner, just for the satisfaction.

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8. Bellatrix, reporting for duty.

TikTok | @anchkamurillo

The vibes of this are immaculate. She turned into Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter in such a crazy cool way. That green lighting? Next level.

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9. Shoutout to Jasmine Masters!

TikTok | @sierraanalece

Drag queen Jasmine Masters' "And I oop—" video went viral in 2019, quickly entering the public vernacular not long after. It's a Halloween costume classic now, in my opinion.

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10. Truly a costume for 2020.

TikTok | @tiffanyflowers1711

This one involves literally burning the hole out of a mask and inserting zombie teeth into the hole. It's the perfect metaphor for this monster of a year.

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11. A tiny dinosaur!

TikTok | @nickandsienna

Kid costumes are so neat. This amazing little dinosaur head is great for kids who need to be wearing masks, since you can't see their mouth! It definitely helps keep the illusion up.

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12. Dream Gary is real now.

TikTok | @garythesnailsjuul

This classic moment from Spongebob was brought to life with fabric! I thought the head might be paper maché, but this TikTokker went all the way with this one.

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13. This Squidward took a lot of work.

TikTok | @curly.zwangsta

A whole appliance had to be applied to her face to turn her into Squidward, but I think we can all agree that it's worth it. Shoutout to the perfectly matching blue tones!

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14. Paper maché Kirby has good energy.

TikTok | @witchtok

Idk why, but I just feel at peace when I watch this TikTok. There's something so good about watching someone put that much time and effort into a happy little Kirby ball.

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