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16+ People Who Definitely Caught Our Attention

My mom has always believed that to truly mess with people's heads, you just need to do something that's "a little offside."

If you just stand around at a bus stop, people aren't likely to notice you. If you start jumping and screaming something "random," people might be startled and back away at first. But they'll soon figure out what you're trying to do and either ignore you or tell you to go away.

However, if you quietly start doing a little shuffling dance for no reason like she did once or suddenly spit up ice cubes like I did once, people will stare for longer than even they likely expected to.

And the people responsible for what's going on in these pictures were masters at getting that reaction whether they wanted to be or not.

1. Judging by the fact that the uploader just moved in, I'm guessing the previous owners were hoping to scare them with this bizarre creation.

Reddit | thatbluewoman

That said, I do like the idea of them genuinely lamenting the fact that they forgot their creepy alien thing.

In this scenario they probably even gave it a name that doesn't fit how creepy it looks. My guess is "Clarence."

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2. It's always strange to suddenely find something outside your place and that's particularly true in this case.

Reddit | Roxyursox

I'm not sure if there's anything under the paper plate that would explain why someone stuck a machete through it. And frankly, I don't really blame the uploader for not wanting to find out.

Is this a threat or would this person have done this no matter where they were?

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3. Someone found this in the basement of an abandoned school and I'm a little afraid to ask what it was used for.

Reddit | The_Mongolian_Walrus

The uploader stopped short of calling it an electric chair but that's the closest point of reference we have for what this looks like.

Thankfully, an electric chair seems a little beyond the capabilities of most kids in shop class so it's probably not that. That only leaves one big mystery for what it really is, though.

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4. Although it's fairly easy to guess why this was made, that doesn't quite answer what we're looking at.

Reddit | Goom131

Apparently, the context makes it clear that this was used to decorate someone's garden. Still, are we looking at an anthropomorphic frog peering through binoculars?

If not, what are we looking at? And if so, why did they go with that?

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5. I'm no health inspector but it seems like there's a pretty good reason why people don't normally do this.

Reddit | plutonium-239

There's something about buying a pre-fried egg that just seems like an inherently sketchy idea. When other people make them for us, they make them to order.

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6. I'm sure there are stranger donut ideas out there but that doesn't make it any easier to see the point of this one.

Reddit | kean-

After all, this seems to be plain, white rice so it's hard to imagine it having much of an affect on the taste. I guess that would mean it just makes the texture weird? Yay?

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7. It's not terribly unusual to see creepy dolls in curio shops but they aren't usually mashed together on what looks like part of an oven.

Reddit | robbel

In case the sign on this creation is hard to read, you can't actually buy any of the individual dolls on this "sculpture." Instead, they're expecting you to buy the entire thing for $2,500.

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8. I like how even the police seem unsure on whether this bike is illegal.

Reddit | Zaxter877

I can't imagine that it feels natural to guide this thing with one of those big truck steering wheels, but that doesn't mean the jurisdiction this photo was taken in has any laws against it.

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9. It's kind of funny to see how intensely this woman is scolding a bird but I wasn't expecting it to react like this.

Reddit | I-can-speak

I mean, I've screamed at a particularly territorial goose as well and while it backed off, it didn't seem to actually take what I said personally.

But whatever this bird to make the lady mad, she's obviously very good at making it feel bad about it. It actually seems a little sheepish.

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10. Since there wasn't any evidence of fire, it wasn't immediately clear just what this woman was trying to accomplish here.

Reddit | _Ninten

But as one commenter clarified, "Used fire extinguishers can be converted to air tanks. Not a lot of reason for it, but it can be done."

I guess it's not that weird if it works. It's probably best to mark it in some way so we know it won't do much good in a fire, though.

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11. From the looks of it, the person we see here was made out of roughly the same material as the stegosaurus.

Reddit | bigbigbigwow

However, that's about where my attempts to explain this little tableau end. I can't say I recall any part of the Jurassic Park series where somebody milked a dinosaur.

And while scientists have made a lot of big strides in recent years into getting a more precise idea of what dinosaurs were like, I don't think there was ever a time when experts thought they had cow udders.

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12. Oddly enough, I think this tattoo comes as less of a surprise now than it would have soon after this movie actually came out.

Reddit | RetroBreads

In the 23 years since, a lot of us have had the time to appreciate the delightful insanity of Face/Off for what it is, especially considering how much the cult of Nicolas Cage has grown in that time.

And yes, I count myself among its ranks.

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13. I have to admit, this woman's unique setup had me rubbing my mouse on my leg just to see if this would work.

Reddit | lastdrops

And while the cursor's movement became a little jerky and awkward when I took the mouse of the pad, it was still possible to move it where I wanted it to go.

I imagine it's even more awkward to control the mouse vertically but I guess she's onto something here.

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14. It's always encouraging when someone goes out with a sense of humor.

Reddit | assiramnes

It's also a very considerate offer because it's pretty easy to get a little lonely nowadays. And I really have to admire how friendly that ghost looks.

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15. I don't think I want any part of the nefarious weapons development going on here.

Reddit | Cylix67

Legos are already the scourge of feet everywhere without someone actually whittling spikes into them.

For the good of humanity, we can't allow this abomination to exist outside of a Home Alone movie.

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16. Ok, I can see one goose somehow wandering into a car but there's no way that an entire gaggle did that without anyone noticing.

Reddit | _Ninten

Therefore, we can only conclude that someone intentionally herded the fowl into their car.

I couldn't even begin to guess why they would want to do that and frankly, can't focus on it. Because the fact that they got all of these chaotic birds to accept this situation is hard enough to believe.

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17. If we had to guess what book title is being redacted here, it probably wouldn't take us too long before we landed on the right answer.

Reddit | I-Killed-JR

Apparently, this cover design came from a special edition of George Orwell's 1984 released in time for the day dedicated to the author on January 21, 2013 — the 63rd anniversary of his death.

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18. Whenever you see soda cases arranged in an elaborate display like this Jack Skellington face, you should know that it was likely someone's job to put it there.

Reddit | Chameleon8045

And according to one commenter who held that job, the boxes in this display are empty both for safety reasons and because soft drinks with no sugar in them (like Pepsi Zero) have a shorter shelf life.

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19. Although this CD looks like it belongs in a creepypasta, it did actually contain a surprisingly good mix of music on it.

Reddit | anamueller

Still, if you find something like this, it's apparently not advisable to put it in your computer.

Not because the disc will start bleeding or because demons will attack you, but rather because it may have a virus or some other type of malware on it.

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20. Even though the show's been off the air for decades with no real replacement, it looks like there are still some Xena superfans out there.

Reddit | Low_Cellist8801

It would also be a pretty intense experience to share the road with its driver if they were prone to road rage.

No matter what they said, their hood would definitely make it look like Xena's yelling them at us instead. Ooh, I wonder if they rigged the horn to make that weird war cry she used to do.

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