10+ 'Forbidden Snacks' That Prove Looks Can Be Deceiving

I dunno about you, but I often find myself looking at yummy food whether I plan on doing so or not. There's just something about delicious treats that I find so appealing, ha, ha!

But have you ever stumbled upon something that looks like it's good enough to eat only it isn't edible at all? These folks did and you may think your eyes are playing tricks on you when you look at these pics.

1. This 'Sherbet'

Reddit | rebraibz

Is it just me or do these colorful rainbow rocks really do look like sherbet? Who wouldn't want to take a bite out of that? Am I right? Not only do these look spectacular but they're giving my sweet tooth a run for its money.

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If looking at this picture doesn't make you crave pasta, I dunno what will. Sadly this is only a hospital server room. That explains why hospitals always have so many technical issues. Isn't this ridiculous?

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3. These 'Jelly Beans'

Reddit | kamikazikitten

Who here is a fan of jelly beans? They sure are fun to eat. I love that they come in a variety of colors and flavors. But I had no idea they can grow in a flowerpot, too, ha, ha!

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4. This 'Ham'

Reddit | ZouJx

I wouldn't be surprised if you got fooled by this tree sap and thought that it was some rare kind of ham that grows out of a tree. If only that were the case, huh? Nonetheless, it looks delicious, no?

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5. These 'Eggs'

Reddit | D3KT_

I honestly don't even know that this object is but it's definitely making me crave some sunny-side-up eggs. What about you? It looks exactly like it. Don't you think? Oh my goodness, is it lunchtime already?

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6. This 'Pudding'

Reddit | lazybutgreat

I sure hope that people don't start putting spoonfuls of this in their mouths before reading the label. I don't think this boot cream would taste as good as chocolate pudding on any given day.

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7. These 'Treats'

Reddit | slightlystranger

This person actually makes resin pins that look like gummy bears and chocolate bars. Aww, how cute are these? Just make sure you don't give any of them to your kids or they might want to eat them.

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8. This 'Fried Chicken'

Reddit | rebelraf

Who else craves fried chicken from time to time? Chicken and waffles are what I'm thinking of when I look at this. Doesn't this calcite look exactly like a nice piece of fried chicken done right?

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9. This 'Raspberry Cheesecake'


I honestly wouldn't blame you if you thought this rock looked just like sweet and delicious raspberry cheesecake. Just look at all those layers here. All you need is a spoon and you'd be in foodie heaven.

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10. These 'Chocolates'

Reddit | d0c70rd0raz10

If you also thought these knobs were chocolates, I wouldn't blame you. They look good enough to eat. Unfortunately, they wouldn't be so soft and chocolatey if you bit into them. But they are awesome at fooling us all.

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11. These 'Hard-Boiled Eggs'

Reddit | Timo1301

No, these aren't hard-boiled eggs. These are called ice eggs. This rare phenomenon occurs when ice is rolled over by wind and water. This picture was taken in Northern Finland. Wow, doesn't that look so spectacular?

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12. These 'Sour Candies'

Reddit | Michel_Martin

If it wasn't for all those little prickles I would totally think these were some sort of sour candies. They definitely look like you can just pop them in your mouth. But don't do it, you'll be sorry.

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13. This 'Bread'

Reddit | GamerLobster

I'm planning on going gluten-free very soon, so bread has definitely been on my mind lately. But I don't think I'm the only one who thinks this rock looks like a loaf of bread with a bite taken out of it.

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Wow, isn't it so funny how our eyes see one thing and associate it with food so easily?


Especially when the object looks exactly like the food that we love. They could have fooled me a few times with these pictures here. What about you?

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