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14+ Cool Finds That People Had To Show Off

Ryan Ford 13 Oct 2020

Remember when you were a kid and you'd be walking along with your folks and find something new and interesting on the ground and you just had to point it out? Sure, back in those days, your parents were largely just humoring you and probably delighting in your joy at such simple things.

But there's a magic in that interaction that never fully goes away. We've all experienced a sense of wonder at discovering something unusual, haven't we? It's just the sort of thing you have to share with someone else, right?

Well, that's at least how the folks who found the stuff below felt. We had to agree — it's pretty cool stuff.

1. What's she doing there?

Reddit | SynoviaRevival

It's impossible to know who put it there — or why — but somebody found a tiny little Peppa Pig imprinted inside this iPhone as they were changing out a charging port.

I'm no expert but I'm fairly certain that's not a standard design for Apple products.

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2. Free bullet!

Reddit | sundstrom193

"I was splitting firewood and I found this bullet lodged in one of the logs," the uploader of this pic explained. "Notice how there’s no path of entry, so this tree was shot long ago and it healed itself around the bullet."

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3. Some things never change.

Reddit | EverythingBranches

"Out deep on a desert hike, I found a secret spot someone has been returning to for a while," the uploader of this pic wrote.

Now, that's either touching that someone has a favorite spot that they keep coming back to or a bit creepy, if you think about it.

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4. Great Scot!

Reddit | a-wet-broom

It's not just that someone happened across this DeLorean with an appropriate novelty license plate on the front. Check out the top right of the pic — there's a guy with an orange vest remarkably like Marty McFly's.

Although I am amazed that there are still DeLoreans on the road. Have to think the only way they'd hit 88 mph these days is if they're driven off a very high cliff.

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5. Okay, that's a cool coincidence.

Reddit | the-devastator

"Was playing the board game Viticulture and realized that the characters are based off my mom and her sisters," the uploader of this pic wrote.

Well, probably not based off, but the resemblance is uncanny — more so because apparently, the aunt who looks like the game's zymologist actually is a zymologist.

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6. Did cowboys really need another way to break an ankle?

Reddit | eternalrefuge86

Because trying to skate in these sure seems like a recipe for a serious sprain at least. But for an antique store find, they're definitely unique.

I mean, they have to be one-of-a-kind, right? I don't know why anyone would tempt fate a second time.

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7. "Sand sculpture of Millennium Falcon found on the beach this morning."

Reddit | Sweatyrando

Most kids just make a sand castle when they're at the beach. Forty-year-old kids make Star Wars sand sculptures. Nice work but don't get cocky, kid.

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8. Yup, that checks out.

Reddit | okgodlemmehaveit

"This morning I found by far the smallest frog I have ever seen in my entire life (my average-sized fingernail for scale)," the uploader of this pic wrote.

And the fact that it's so small is probably why few of us have ever seen a frog that tiny.

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9. Quite the consequence!

Reddit | socialistsquid

Hey, sometimes a typo works out in comedy's favor. In this case, someone discovered that their robotic vacuum was threatening to emit bees when in trouble, which is not a great selling feature.

But it's quite an image!

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10. When you absolutely, positively have to have pie.

Reddit | papacheesy

As someone reading the fine print found, this bakery advertises a telegraph line in addition to all the other methods of communication to reach them.

It probably doesn't come up too often but hey, you have to have an edge if you want to stay in business.

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11. You don't see that every day.

Reddit | Xackorizik

Unless you happen to have a good supply of silver-tipped matches at home, I suppose. I know all mine are pink-and-blue tipped, so these matches are unusual to me.

Even if the silver doesn't really do anything for them, they're still cool matches.

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12. "Found these LEGO dudes embedded in the sidewalk on my street."

Reddit | delarge3

Emmet and Wyldstyle deserve a bit of a break after all their adventures, don't you think?

And there's something appropriate about Emmet being a construction worker and him being encased in concrete, too.

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13. They're berry big.

Reddit | 1ithe

I would have thought that such massive blueberries would be disappointing in both flavor and texture, but they apparently weren't.

"I was honestly expecting them to be horrible, but they were delicious and crisp. And I only had to eat 7 of them to get my fill," the uploader of this pic explained.

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14. "Contractors working in our basement found a package of letters hidden in the floorboards from in the 1920s."

Reddit | destructsean

Such a discovery immediately makes your mind go to tawdry places, doesn't it? And it seems like that's the case with these, too.

"It seems like some sort of affair as the owner of the house we live in was a married man but these are definitely love letters. Some letters explicitly say to destroy which he apparently disregarded," the uploader wrote.


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15. Blends right in!

Reddit | CallTheCavalry

Someone found a frog that matches their deck "both in color and texture." I think the color is a bit more odd than the texture but with the combination, that's some surprisingly good camouflage.

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16. That's a keeper.

Reddit | kinkykate21

The uploader of this pic thought they had a legit cool find with this tapestry they picked up for $10 at a thrift shop.

It turned out to be not quite as antique as they thought, but still a great deal!

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17. They've buzzed off.

Reddit | wiggysmalls01

It looks like the bees that built this hive are long gone and it's not weighty with delicious honey like you'd hope. But it's still pretty cool to find such a large hive out in the wild like that.

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18. You're gonna need a bigger house.

Reddit | Holmes02

You'd otherwise have to look fairly carefully but thanks to the uploader of this pic, it's clear to see that there's a shark hidden in this siding.

There are even a few planks near the dorsal fin that are cut to look like waves. Nice!

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19. Sweet thrift find!

Reddit | NakedKittyAlucard

I guess condition matters quite a bit with old books because someone scored a first edition of the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe for just $2.

"The outside cover is falling off, but the works are complete," they confirmed. And that binding can always be restored.

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20. "This 'bookmark' I found in an old Shakespeare book is a voting ticket from the Civil War."

Reddit | _AEthelwulf_

And to think, even by the Civil War, Shakespeare had been gone for a couple of hundred years.

But having that voting ticket tucked inside a book for the past 150 years or so has kept it in remarkably good shape!

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