11+ Brilliant Designs That Made Us Take Notice

Who here is a fan of good design? I sure am. In fact, whenever I see something that looks like it was designed by a genius, I rejoice.

There's something so satisfying in realizing that a creative person did something right. Is it just me or do you feel this way, too? If you do, I bet you'll really love these examples here.

1. This Lid With A Spoon

Reddit | Thyphan69

This is literally the best invention for my fiancé. He's always hiding spoons in all kinds of jars. Whenever I see a spoon missing, I embark on a quest to find it, hee, hee.

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2. This Butter Lid With Knife

Reddit | ENG-zwei

Speaking of designs that are two-in-one, this single-serve butter comes with a lid that's also a knife. Isn't that so cool? I think this makes total sense. No more looking for knives on the run.

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3. This Jewelry

Reddit | u/anicirl

If you're a fan of minimalistic jewelry you may want to look into getting something like this. This cool design charges naturally by absorbing light to give off a cool glow. I've never heard of something like that. How interesting!

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4. This Bus Feature

Reddit | Meeshamoosha

Everyone who's ever journeyed on a bus for the long haul knows how stiff your legs can get. This seat folds down so you can rest your feet when the bus isn't fully occupied. I would definitely appreciate that.

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5. This Universal Charger

Reddit | Bri_tha_kami

Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a universal charger that worked on both Apple and Android devices? Well, apparently this is exactly what this one does. I think that's so handy, especially when you own both.

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6. This Toilet Flush Feature

Reddit | b_finch07

Who else is grossed out every time they have to flush a public toilet with their hand? I gotta say, I am. This McDonald's bathroom in Rome has a flush that you kick, so you don't get your hands dirty. Nice!

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7. These Smart Traffic Lights

Reddit | neidhardterik

Nobody likes to wait for a traffic light, am I right? Would it make you feel better if you knew exactly how long you had to wait? I think it would definitely ease my mind.

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8. This Toaster

Reddit | bernecady

If you're the type of person who always wants their toast to be a little toastier you might appreciate this feature. This toaster oven has a button for "A Bit More" that I bet gets a lot of use.

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9. This Built-In Cable Management System

Reddit | ohsobogus

How amazing would it be if every TV had this type of cable management system built-in? Wow, I haven't seen anything like this before. I gotta say, that makes so much sense. Doesn't it?

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10. This Shirt's Buttons

Reddit | u/kalimoo

Here's one cool designer who eliminated the dreaded "shirt gap." If you're a lady who has ever worn a button-down shirt, you know what I'm talking about. Finally, a designer who's speaking our language, ha, ha!

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I honestly don't know why all showers don't come with a hole like this one. That way you don't get wet when you turn on the water. Don't you think this feature is so handy and definitely needed?

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12. This Microwave Feature

Reddit | Tm00k

I once had a microwave that beeped extremely loudly. It made me wonder why there wasn't an option to lower the sound or even mute it. This microwave has a beeper volume button that's definitely much needed.

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13. This Microwave With Outlets

Reddit | bulletben7

The smart person who designed this microwave knows that you can never have too many outlets. And for that great thinking, we can all be grateful to him or her. Let's keep going with ideas like these.

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14. These Shopping Baskets

Reddit | ginger-loving-asian

Don't you wish that every store had these color-coded baskets? That way, all the employees would know right away if you wanted to be left alone or if you needed assistance. It beats chasing one of them down, huh?

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15. This Dressing Room Hanger

Reddit | uzzzoo

If you're like me and always bring a ton of clothes to your dressing room to try on, you'll appreciate this. This hanger will relieve you from remembering which items you're going to definitely take home with you.

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16. This Storage Drawer

Reddit | TheSmartanator

I definitely know what it's like to have limited space in my kitchen. So, I can understand the need to utilize every nook and cranny — even if it means resorting to building drawers like these, hee, hee!

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17. This Ceiling Projector

Reddit | awesomecraigs

Speaking of saving precious space, why put a projector on a desk when you can have it come down from the ceiling like this? Isn't this idea so ingenious? I wish we had had those when I was in school.

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18. This Shirt's Insert

Reddit | Marvin_k2000

If you wear glasses like me, you know how annoying it gets when they constantly get dirty. That's one of my pet peeves. I secretly wish all my clothes came with a feature like this.

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19. This Foldable Bottle

Reddit | vodkasolution

I always carry a bottle of water with me wherever I go but I think it would be so handy to have one that folds away and stores in my bag. This is what I'm talking about.

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20. This Lamp/Flower Pot

Reddit | NoobGaming6

It's so important to start switching to solar power as much as possible, am I right? That's why I'm really digging this cool lamp design that makes it look like a potted plant, too. Isn't that so cute?

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21. This Container For Fries

Reddit | will_zaragoza

I've often wondered why fries don't come in a container that has a slot to put your ketchup in it. Wouldn't that be so useful for so many? Well, looks like somebody already came up with a great alternative.

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22. This Ping Pong Table

Reddit | Chrono_Guy

Have you ever seen a round ping pong table? I can't say that I have, but with this unique design, you don't have to chase after the balls. I gotta admit this does make total sense. What do you think of it?

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I'm totally impressed by all these cool design ideas here.

Giphy | NBC

It's great to see people putting their thinking caps on when they come up with something new and unique — especially when it serves a greater purpose as well. Don't you think?

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