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15+ Fascinating Ideas That Are More Clever Than They Look

We've all heard that looks can be deceiving and that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover but that doesn't exactly prevent most of us from doing it anyway from time to time.

And in some cases, there can a pretty good reason to judge things based on how they look. For instance, if your first thought when you see a carnival ride or some makeshift setup on the job is "that doesn't look safe," you're probably right.

Still, that doesn't mean it's so hard to find cases where something looked like it wouldn't work in a million years only to end up becoming the exact solution we needed at the time. Indeed, you're about to see a lot of them.

1. Most of what we're about to see works despite looking crazy, but this seems like an idea that should've been around for years by now.

Reddit | JabberVapor

Unless we're using a shower that we're familiar with, it's almost guaranteed that we'll have to spend some time tinkering with it to find the right temperature.

However, that's not the case for the shower in this hotel because it tells you the exact temperature of the water as you use it. Finally!

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2. Although this is an apartment building, it used to house the offices of several different companies.

Reddit | ChicagoChurro

So rather than change the doors to reflect its new purpose, its owners just decided to leave the old company names up.

I'd say it actually makes specific apartments easier to find for delivery people and gives each one a little more character.

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3. Not only did this man manage to get Doom running on a TI-84 calculator but he powered it with a series of rotting potatoes.

YouTube | Equalo

Of course, this idea is more amazing for the fact that it can be done than it is advisable to actually do it.

So unless you really enjoy cleaning up a room full of potatoes when they're at their most disgusting, I wouldn't try this at home.

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4. It appears that someone got bored enough of traditional ping pong to make the half-pipe table we see here.

Reddit | Paul0416

Although it kind of seems like it would make the game harder, it also looks like an opportunity to rethink how the game is played and try out a bunch of trick shots that would never work on a normal table.

I think it's worth a try.

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5. It's unclear what exactly happened to the toilet tank here but somebody was able to make a bucket into a fully functional replacement.

Reddit | asphaltguy303030

If all of the parts that actually make the toilet flush are present and connected right, I suppose it doesn't necessarily matter what you house them in.

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6. While it's amazing to see what people can do with zip ties, it's unlikely that this setup would last very long.

Reddit | BWeice

Fortunately, it doesn't have to because it just needed to stay in place long enough for a group of friends to watch a UFC pay per view and celebrate a birthday.

And from the sounds of it, these logs and zip ties did the job just fine.

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7. Although the owners of this place called in a maintenance worker to fix this doorstop, he apparently didn't do a satisfactory job.


So to keep it from drooping over and getting in the way, they decided to hold it up with a a towel and a sock instead.

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8. Since it's hard not to be nervous about pretty much every interaction we have with people nowadays, this store added some healthy distance to this checkout process.

Reddit | coolic3

And all it took was some nice PVC piping, electrical tape, and another piece to bolt the whole contraption down and keep it secure.

Good thinking.

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9. This person made an insulated planter box to keep their plants safe over the winter but the surprising part is what they made it out of.

Reddit | Lisemarie87

Although the hatch with the clear lid was their addition to this unit, the rest of it largely consists of an old couch.

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10. Considering how many questions that Australian tax return seems to answer, it's kind of strange that more governments don't do this.

Reddit | Shark_Bones

As you can see, a taxpayer down under can not only know what they're paying for but also how much of their money is going to each public service.

Even governments who love secrets can probably make use of this so long as they also adopt that "other purposes" row.

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11. Although many of us would let a suddenly breaking hammock spoil our fun, the uploader obviously refused to give up.

Reddit | nightmodegang

And it turns out they had it right because all they needed to fix it was some rope and a big stick.

Granted, it's definitely a temporary fix but those also have a way of working for longer than expected.

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12. This is not what the leaf blower was designed for but some people will always treat a tool's intended purpose as a suggestion.

Reddit | zzuil93

One commenter even admitted that they use it more to stoke their fire pit than they do to actually blow leaves.

Just know that if this seems like an attractive idea, you can run the risk of — at the very least — melting it.

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13. For this person, the luggage rack was a good start but it needed something more.

Reddit | irishiwasaleprechaun

And from the looks of it, that something more was the top half of a shopping cart. I have to admit, I like how it matches the rack's color.

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14. If it seems like that window is out of place, that's because it's actually the reflection of the house next to it.

Reddit | yarinsn

From there, you may be wondering why someone put a mirror next to this window.

Well, that's apparently because the room it's facing doesn't get a lot of sunlight so the mirror was placed to reflect it in.

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15. The uploader suddenly found themselves needing tires for this camper but the only ones available didn't accommodate the grease caps provided.

Reddit | mamazitacoxy

Although it seemed like a tough dilemma, it apparently wasn't anything that an energy drink can and some duct tape couldn't fix.

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16. I can't really say I blame you if you look at this and think it's not going to hold for long.

Reddit | Undead_Unicornn

But while a couple of wood planks and a scissor jack hardly seems like the most stable way to prop up this church wall, it's apparently managed to do that for three years by now.

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17. Most of the time, one broken button isn't worth replacing a whole fridge over. But how do you make the mechanism work after that happens?

Reddit | redtruckschmuck

Well, one person was able to feed and attach a rope pull to it and use that to turn the water dispenser on. Button or no button, they were quenching their thirst.

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18. It's unclear how long it took them, but somebody made these satisfying sand spirals just by walking in a circles a bunch of times.

Reddit | Will7838

It's something they do a lot and the results do seem like a lot of practice went into them. As for why they did it this time?

Well, anything's more fun than studying for exams.

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19. It likely seems like an embarrassing oversight to put this rain spout right over the entrance but it was actually done on purpose.

Reddit | setibeings

According to some commenters in the skilled trades, this is actually called an emergency overflow scupper and if water is coming out of it, that means the roof drains are either faulty or there's too much water for them to handle.

Since ignoring that problem can eventually make the roof collapse, builders often put the scupper in an obviously annoying place so the building's owners have to deal with it.

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20. This tree looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book but the amount of work that went into it was likely astronomical.

Reddit | overlapping_gen

As you've likely guessed, this isn't a real tree but rather a sculpture made from blown glass. That's right, each tangle of this thicket was carefully molded that way.

Crazy, isn't it?

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