11+ Simple Lifehacks That Helped Us Out

Have you ever stumbled upon an ordinary problem and thought, "How do I fix that?" Turns out, many other people must've encountered it, too, because there are so many lifehacks out there people swear by.

Here is a list of some of the ones I think you'll find interesting and useful. Let me know which ones you have used before and how they worked out for you.

1. This Cable Management System

Reddit | xxsunglassesxx

Do you always throw out those bread tabs? Well, after seeing this cable management hack I bet you're going to keep them from now on, huh? I think I'm going to start doing this, too.

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2. This Tape Hack

Reddit | Clay_tv_youtube

This person came up with a cool way to make sure you don't lose that tape mark. Pull tape over to the side so you don’t have to waste time peeling it off on the next use.

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3. This Writing Hack


How do you make sure somebody can't read what you have scratched out? Apparently, it's better to write random letters over it than scribbling. I gotta do that next time. It sounds like one of James Bond's hacks ha, ha.

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4. This Fog-Free Mirror Idea

Unsplash | Sanibell BV

Isn't it annoying when you take shower and your mirror gets all fogged up? It turns out you can apply a small amount of car wax to the mirror. Then, let it dry and buff with a soft, dry cloth. No more foggy mirrors!

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5. This Wine Cooling Idea


Do you like to drink your white wine cold? Instead of just storing it in the fridge, use some cold grapes to chill it. Ice cubes would only water it down more. Yum, this sounds delish.

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6. This Apple Charger Tip

Reddit | eaty1232

Apple chargers do take those standard plugs afterall. I found this really useful since it makes it the cord about two times longer. Try it, it really does work.

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7. This Air Freshener Hack


We cook a lot, so sometimes, it's inevitable that there might be certain smells in the air. An easy way to freshen up that cooking stench is to place a scented dryer sheet over your A/C vent.

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8. This Wrinkle-Free Drying Method


How do you get your clothes to come out wrinkle-free out of the dryer? Throw a few ice cubes or a wet washcloth in the dryer cycle. As the ice melts it will take all the wrinkles out.

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9. This Shoe Tying Hack

Reddit | Obdurate-Optimist

This is an easy way to keep your shoes from untying. Make two wraps around your thumb instead of just one when tying the bow. It's quick, makes a stronger hold, and is just as easy to untie.

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10. This Doggy Trash Can Protection Idea

Reddit | LittleDank

Does your pesky dog have a tendency to get into your nasty trash can? Instead of putting the dog in the crate just put the trash can there. Wow, that's such an awesome idea.

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11. This Pizza Baking Hack

Reddit | KingPin300-1976

If you don't think you can bake two pizzas in one oven — think again. All you need to do is slice up the pizza this way and it will fit right in. Now, that's awesome.

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12. This Cash Stash

Reddit | u/ExperimentalFun7

Do you ever worry that you'll lose your wallet and end up stranded with no cash? There's a clever trick to ease your mind. Just hide some cash in your phone case and voilà!

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Wow, I absolutely love all these handy and easy lifehacks.

Giphy | The Charlotte Show

Where have they been all my life? Ha, ha! I'm going to implement some of these ASAP. Which one resonates with you the most? Do you have any other ones of your own?

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