9+ Things We Never Realized We Were Doing Wrong

Did you know there are certain things that we do every day that are completely wrong? The same can be said about certain objects we use.

Like do you know that there are different types of plungers? There's one strictly used for the sink and another for the toilet. Here's a list of other things you probably didn't know you were doing the wrong way this whole time.

1. The Plunger Dilemma

Reddit | /Fall-Maiden

Speaking of the plunger, here is the dilemma many of us have faced. There are actually three different plungers so don't worry if you're confused. I was, too, but not anymore. Now I need to use the correct one, ha, ha!

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2. No Spoon, No Problem


If you ever got yourself caught craving that apple sauce but didn't have a spoon handy, no worries. You can use the lid and shape it into an actual spoon. Isn't that so handy and smart?

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3. This Keyring Hack

Reddit | QuevedoDeMalVino

I gotta admit I usually use my nails to open keyrings to insert a new key. That's not such a great idea. Especially when you can easily use a staples remover to do the job much better.

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4. This Under-The-Sink Idea

Reddit | GetOrganzdAlrdy

How do you better organize that space under your kitchen or bathroom sink? Use a tension rod to hang all those spray bottles. Why haven't I thought of that? I absolutely love this idea here.

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5. Peeling A Banana

Reddit | itsmike

Did you know that you're not supposed to peel a banana from the top? If you don't want to squish the fruit you should actually do it from the bottom. Who knew? I certainly didn't, ha, ha!

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6. This Soda Pop Hack

Reddit | triggerhoppe

How do you keep the straw from rising up in your soda can? There's a simple hack for that. Those soda tabs can double as straw holders. I dunno why I always forget about that.

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7. This Spill-Proof Pasta


We all love freshly cooked pasta. Am I right? But nobody likes babysitting it while it's cooking. People say that if you put a wooden spoon over your pot you'll prevent the water from overflowing. I gotta try this trick.

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8. This Microwave Pizza Hack

Reddit | Nylian

How do you like your pizza? I bet you don't like a chewy crust, huh? If you tend to heat it up in the microwave just put a small amount of water in a glass alongside it and voilà!

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9. This Condiment Cup Hack

Imgur | Skooledyou66

Don't you find that those condiment cups are always so small and don't hold enough ketchup? Well, as it turns out they can actually be expanded to hold much more than you ever thought. That's right! More ketchup for everyone, yay!

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10. This Juice Carton Way

Reddit | lucahammer

Pouring juice or milk out of its carton is pretty elementary. Am I right? So why does it always make such a mess? It's because you've been pouring it the wrong way all your life. Turn the carton over for a much better pour.

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11. This Juice Box Trick

YouTube | Inside Edition

Speaking of juice boxes how about those small ones for your little ones? If you squeeze the box you'll definitely make a mess. So hold it from both sides like this for a much cleaner experience.

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12. This Tic Tac Hack


I dunno why I always end up shaking the Tic Tac container to get just one candy out. Instead, they all go flying out. This is obviously a much better way to do it. Am I right?

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13. This Instant Coaster

Reddit | screwed13

If you're one of those people who get excited about this coaster hack, you're not alone. Apparently, some folks can't wait to show their friends how this makes total sense. It does. Doesn't it? Ha, ha!

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Oh my goodness, did any of these ideas stump you?

Giphy | Much

I have to say I didn't know there's a better way to pour out milk or even hold a juice box, ha, ha! Now that I do, I feel a lot smarter than most people.

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