12+ Tattoos Inspired By Powerful Stories

Brittany Rae 15 Oct 2020

Get ready to cry.

People get tattoos for any number of reasons. Some are for fun, some are for their sheer artistic nature, and some are memorials or tributes to friends and family.

The memorials are the ones that are going to make you cry, which is why I've compiled a whole list of them. You're welcome.

1. This tattoo is beautiful, but heartbreaking.

Reddit | anwestin

"Mom got a memorial tattoo for my younger brother. Jonas Ozolins, Studio Artcore in Båstad, Sweden. Simple but captures a whole lot of emotions."

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2. A classic tattoo with a meaningful message behind it.

Reddit | Trav2974

"Time Honored Tattoo by Steve Wheeler in Wichita KS. 2020 sucks. Lost my mom last month after several years of poor health (non COVID related). She liked purple and dad gave her roses, so figured I'd incorporate that into the design."

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3. Generational tattoos should totally be the new norm.

Reddit | orbitsucks

"Dad passed away this weekend, so I got his atom in memory of him. Done by Edna Herrera at Imperial Tattoo Company in Sugar Land, Tx. (Left Is Dad, right is me)"

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4. I love this couple's tattoo idea.

Reddit | amlovabledeathmo

"Matching tattoos we got for our 10 year anniversary handwritten by the other one."

I'm totally going to do this with my partner when we hit our 10-year anniversary!

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5. Tattoos that kids pick out are just the best.

Reddit | BelBivTebow

"I let my 2 kids design my latest tattoo. Their initials and they picked the colors."

He later went back and had the letters outlined so that he could see them even better!

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6. You can't go wrong with a pet tattoo.

Reddit | pitbullmom91

"I had a tattoo done each one for my fur babies and 1 to grow on."

This is such a good idea! I especially liked adding one to grow on, since you don't want a future pet to be left out of your tribute.

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7. Sound wave tattoos are a really touching new trend.

Reddit | drewsoulman

"For my 18th birthday i got a tattoo of my dads laugh on my arm, he passed 3 years ago. I have his smile and joy wherever i go now."

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8. This was her first tattoo!

Reddit | takeaabreath

"First tattoo. Each tree symbolizes a loved one in my life + a faded for my mom who passed. Love the simplicity. Done by- Victoria Melson | Electric Eye Tattoos | Roanoke VA."

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9. Caution: adorable pet memories ahead.

Reddit | poodlethenoodle

"Memorial for my pup in doggy heaven, put it on my calf so he'll always be walking with me. Done in Toronto by Karam @ Inkquisition."

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10. Now this is how you do initial tattoos.

Reddit | cartmancakes

"My first tattoo with my kid's initials, just had in done 2 nights ago."

That font is everything! This is a really cool way to both honor your child, and have a dope tattoo.

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11. See what I meant about sound waves?

Reddit | GurleyMan30

"After a year and a half fighting in court, I just won custody of my two boys (6 and 4). So, I got them each to say “Daddy, I love you.” for my first tattoo."

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12. Well, this one made me cry.

Reddit | Drunksnortsss

"A message left by my Dad in one of my birthday cards and done in his handwriting. He grew jade plants. Done in 2018 by Cailin at Grinstone Tattoo & Gallery in Waterdown."

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13. This grandpa got a cochlear implant tattooed on him to match his grandson.

Reddit | -criesuncontrollably

Now that is a contender for world's greatest grandpa, let's be real. Look at the joy on the little boy's face! They have a bond that is going to last them a long, long time.

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14. This is just crazy cool.

Reddit | blakerjames

I could not think of a cooler tattoo if I tried. The detail in the prosthetic is crazy cool. I'd be so excited to see this tattoo out in the wild.

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