11+ Helpful Hacks To Get The Most Out Of Your Groceries

Brittany Rae 16 Oct 2020

We all know that grocery shopping is essential, but let's be real — it can be a bit of a pain in the butt. It's tiring, it's expensive, and then there's the struggle of making sure your fresh produce doesn't spoil before you even get to eat it.

Don't worry. These helpful hacks will make your next shopping trip a breeze!

1. There are a ton of ways to keep guac fresh.

Reddit | tatertot10000

"Keep guacamole fresh using plastic wrap pressed all the way down - no more brown spots!"

You can also: put the pit in, add a little lemon, and just eat it immediately to avoid brown spots.

What? That last one is helpful!

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2. Heat up lemons to squeeze them easily.

Reddit | u/laurenwazenn

One user suggested using a microwave, but you have to be careful with that and stop the microwave often. An easier way is to put them in warm water!

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3. This my kind of lazy hack.

Reddit | DareWright

This is HYSTERICAL to me. This chicken was shredded with a stand mixer! I literally can't believe it, but it totally worked. They used the white blade attachment and went to town. Hat's off to this bit of genius.

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4. Cook your food perfectly every time.

Reddit | u/ShY5TR

Remove the guesswork out of your griddle by picking up a temperature gun! It'll tell you what temperature your pan is at, and you'll feel cool doing it. Good for you.

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5. I'm always up for an onion hack.

Reddit | evwhatevs

"Three-fold onion hack! Cutting into quarters first makes them very easy to peel. Also, if onions give you belly ache then (anecdotally only, not scientifically proven) removing the centre layers can help. Also also, when cutting onions, DON'T BREATH IN THROUGH YOUR NOSE! and they won't make you cry :)"

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6. Let's make a dessert!

Reddit | laurenwazenn

"All you need to do is freeze a banana (either whole or sliced in a plastic Ziplock) and then mash or blend it up for a delicious frozen treat for almost no effort."

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7. Keep your herbs fresh.

Reddit | klaraclarkk

If you're using herbs to cook (I mean, duh), then preserving them in oil might be a good hack for you! Pop them in the freezer and grab a cube when you need it.

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8. This is perfect for when you're headed to the store.

Reddit | Eurekaa89

"Grocery store life hack: Bring bins with handles for your cart. Place them in your car then carry them inside your house. Keep in your trunk for next use." Sustainability and maximum laziness? I'm a fan.

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9. Slice tomatoes easily.

Reddit | klaraclarkk

"Instead of cutting cherry tomatoes one by one, fit a bunch between two lids and slice horizontally through them all at once."

I think this might be a bit easier with silicone lids, but the idea is solid.

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10. This is an oldie, but a goodie.

Reddit | laurenwazenn

"Placing a wooden spoon across a boiling pot of water to prevent the water from spilling over."

Sure, a lot of people know this. But I sure didn't!

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11. Freeze smoothie ingredients!

Reddit | klaraclarkk

Prepare your ingredients ahead of time, then freeze. Pop them in the blender in the morning and enjoy your instant smoothie! We love a hack that saves us time.

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12. Always have basil on hand.

Reddit | superawesomedragonsl

"If you grind up and freeze fresh basil you can defrost it and have it when you're cooking in the winter." Well, I never would have thought of this.

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13. Punch up your grocery store tortilla.

Reddit | williarya1323

"Put your store bought flour tortillas on a hot, ungreased pan for a few minutes per side. It activates the fats and makes the tortilla chewy and soft."


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14. Infinite green onions!!!

Reddit | petitepharmer

"Never need to buy green onions again! This is just two weeks after planting scraps and watering once."

Okay, okay. I am taking notes here. I am ready to have infinite onions.

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15. Speaking of onions...

Reddit | imkaneforever

Is this how y'all are storing them? Because it should be. According to one Reddit user:

"Store onions in pantyhose, tie [a] knot in between onions to enable you to cut and take single onions when needed."

Apparently, doing this keeps them fresh for up to eight months. Woah!

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