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15+ Pics That Were Just As Fascinating As They Were Unfortunate

We've all had bad days but some people manage to attract so many misfortunes in one 24-hour period that it's almost hard to believe. But of course, the looks on their faces as they tell us about it usually confirms that things really are going that badly.

And while it's hard to express this without seeming insensitive, there's also something oddly fascinating about their rough days when they have enough surprising elements to them. After all, how many of the things that we didn't expect to happen in life turn out to be good?

And as we take a look through these oddly compelling pics of things that suck, we can get a sense of how the first person to mess up their electronics with a magnet felt.

1. This popsicle was supposed to be brand new but this person now sees a really good reason to doubt that.

Reddit | BenBenMcBenface

Yeah, it turns out there was a nasty patch of mold about halfway down the icy treat. I really can't think of another time I've ever seen a moldy popsicle.

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2. When this person's door knob fell off, they didn't realize it would only be the start of their problems.

Reddit | JustinFitz21

As we can see, they managed to put it on upside down. And for those saying they can just pull it back out, it's apparently not that easy.

It turns out they pounded it into this position with a mallet so it's stuck like this now.

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3. While it's not usually clear how bad a day is going to be, the uploader's parents knew things would be rough as soon as they opened up shop.

Reddit | boiibatea

Central Vietnam was recently affected by a hurricane and as we can see, that resulted in some pretty major flooding for this garment manufacturer.

And now they'll soon be finding out what's insured and what isn't.

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4. It's hard to tell what this is supposed to be and that's exactly why its creator has to start all over again.

Reddit | Throwaway103819

The uploader was in the process of making a crystal Tinkerbell before the pieces slipped and gave them the mangled mess we see here.

They had just finished the head and the upper body but you wouldn't know that by looking at it.

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5. What's the opposite of a gift that keeps on giving?

Reddit | pocketfrisbee

Because whatever that term would be, it's the perfect way to describe this ruined shipment of sugar.

Not only does this company have to get another one and not only does cleaning this up look like a serious pain, but who knows how many bugs they'll have to brush aside as they do it?

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6. While this is hardly the first time I've seen a glass table shatter, there's a reason it was so surprising to the uploader.

Reddit | b_t_nd01

Apparently, this was the disastrous result of just moving it slightly. That definitely makes me want to stick with the wooden ones.

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7. It's funny how one person's bad day can sometimes spiral out of control and become everyone else's problem.

Twitter | @ScotRail

That seemed to be the case when somebody drove their car onto the tracks at this train station in Stirling, Scotland and abandoned it.

Outside of a Grand Theft Auto game, I'm not sure how someone manages to accomplish this.

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8. Although the results look kind of cool, this person was not trying to turn their washing machine into a tie-dye extravaganza.

Reddit | xzxi_sir

Apparently, they forgot that they had some gel pens in their pocket and the rest of the blanks should be pretty easy to fill in.

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9. It's easy to get a little carried away when we pull our cables out but they don't usually turn out like this.

Reddit | iJus_tin

I guess if there's any silver lining here, it shouldn't be too hard to remove that broken piece with some needle-nose pliers.

I wonder if Superman would have to buy HDMI cables in bulk.

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10. The kid definitely deserves points for ingenuity but alas, his ruse didn't quite pan out.

Reddit | JeffTrav

Maybe if he had set his real phone's background to lined paper for a few days, that would have made it easier to slip this under the radar.

I'm definitely lowkey impressed by the fact that he knew to weigh it down, though.

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11. All it took was one little snag to wreck an entire load of laundry.

Reddit | Froggythefrog22

Apparently, the string on a pair of shorts caught on the weirdly-designed lint trap you see on LG dryers.

This somehow created a domino effect that ended up stretching the sleeves, knotting up the strings, and putting holes in their other clothes. And based on the comments, that's not the frustration people have had with the dryer model because they instantly recognized it.

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12. At this point, I wouldn't really blame the uploader for giving up on fences altogether.

Reddit | Ragarianok

The problem isn't just that it was knocked over by Hurricane Delta but that this happened about a week after they fixed the damage that Hurricane Laura did to it before.

They still feel fortunate that this didn't turn out worse for them but it's discouraging nonetheless.

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13. This has more to do with the consequences of someone's actions than bad luck but it would still be pretty embarrassing.

Reddit | Mispelt_Usenrame

I mean, not only did they get caught and not only were they way easier to catch than they thought, but the police roasted them to oblivion.

Yeah, not worth it.

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14. This person doesn't have a spare cable but their cat didn't know that and probably wouldn't care very much if it did.

Reddit | soliev

Today, they learned a valuable lesson: If you care whether it gets chewed up, hide stuff like this after using it.

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15. As delicious as cookies are, this is why it helps to give them a once-over before eating them.

Reddit | jerseydevilbigfoot

Apparently, this little spider wasn't here when the uploader pulled the cookies out of the oven but quickly made its move in the few minutes before this was taken.

I guess if they didn't catch it, they'd at least have some extra protein?

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16. While this is hardly the biggest deal we've seen today, it's still pretty weird that this happened.

Reddit | LutzTheFox

As we can see from the way this was sealed, the uploader discovered that their package of hot pockets also featured an empty sleeve.

Does that mean someone else ended up with a freebie?

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17. While we can at least understand that someone profits from a stolen bike, there's no reason besides pettiness behind this.

Reddit | didaxyz

Not only did they take the seat, but they made off with the lights. As far as the uploader could tell, they tried to pick the lock and took it personally when that didn't work.

That's just mean.

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18. If you're wondering what on earth happened to this tablet, the uploader sums it up nicely: "Delivered with care by FedEx."

Reddit | Stromberg-Carlson

I have to say, I'm super curious to know how this happened.

Because unless someone stacked a jet engine onto this thing, I would think you'd have to take it out and stomp on it to achieve this effect.

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19. Cancer is always a terrible and anxiety-inducing disease but it seems particularly horrifying when it affects the bones.

Reddit | GrumpiestSnail

At least, that's the impression that comes very clear when we see what it has done to this snake skeleton.

It seems excruciating.

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20. It would already be weird and unfortunate to see a crossbow bolt sticking out of your house, but in the uploader's case, it just added insult to injury.

Reddit | super_turtle246

As they put it, "In July we had a large water leak and just finished the repairs last week. Three weeks ago someone was texting and driving and hit our car going 60 mph, and NOW some idiot shot an arrow though the side of our house. Can I please catch a break."

Even for 2020, that's one impressive run of bad luck.

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