11+ People Who Had One Job And Still Messed It Up

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. It's pretty much inevitable. Isn't it? But when that mistake happens to be on the job it can be much worse.

This subreddit is entirely devoted to those occupational mishaps we all wished didn't happen to us. Check it out and let me know your favorites. If anything, at least it'll give you a good laugh.

1. This Playground Boo-Boo

Reddit | ItzMeMilo

Is it just me or does someone really hate kids? Enough so that they would uncover a manhole right next to a children's slide. At least they should have covered it up right away once they realized the error of their ways.

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2. This 'Lost In Translation' Issue

Reddit | watthis

OMG, this one is really giving me a good laugh and I needed one this morning. That is definitely something for the books. Don't you think? I guess smoking in English is okay then? Ha, ha!

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3. This Job Ad

Reddit | MrVoldemort

Here's one way to let one slip. If cannibalism is your thing, you may want to apply for this job. If not, I'll steer clear of this establishment. You wouldn't get me to go there even if you paid me.

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4. This Closed Caption

Reddit | karpet-shark

I know the job of a closed caption writer may seem tedious but it still doesn't explain why they didn't even bother translating this phrase from Korean to English. That's literally what they're supposed to be doing.

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5. This Cake Decorating Request

Reddit | ligmasux

If this doesn't dissuade you from ordering cakes on the phone, I dunno what will. Somehow this is the type of mistake one should expect when you order a cake over the phone. At least that's what I think.

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6. This UPS Delivery

Reddit | Jumpiercables

How can somebody bend a door? I really would like to know, lol. This is definitely one job UPS failed miserably. I love their response, too. "We can report it in our end to have feedback provided." Yeah, okay — like that's gonna help.

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7. This Pizza Surprise

Reddit | astralnomical

When your pizza delivery place is so generous they send over a pizza with the cutter. Hey, that's actually a win in my book. Now you've got a restaurant-quality pizza cutter for free. I think that's pretty awesome.

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8. This Presidential Gaffe

Reddit | zacharyheidenreich

This guy literally has one job — and that's to speak on behalf of the President. It's even in his job title. When I see something like this, I can't help but totally crack up.

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9. This School Poster

Reddit | haxacolipse

Doesn't the school have one job? And it's to teach our kids things like spelling. I guess in this case they should be expecting a giant "F" for this poor attempt here. It is funny, though.

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10. This Online Questionnaire

Reddit | Im_Saying

Filling out online questionnaires can be such a boring task. Am I right? So perhaps this company wanted to keep everyone on their toes by posing a question such as this one? Nah, I don't think they would be this smart.

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11. This Editing Job

Reddit | duckaskingforgrapes

Don't let being dead stop you from accomplishing your goals whatever they might be. It definitely didn't stop Beethoven from composing his next masterpiece. I bet my editor is going to get a real good laugh out of this one.

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12. This Pavement Job

Reddit | uickleLife

Wait a minute, which way am I supposed to turn here? Is it left or is it right? For someone who gets easily confused this would cause a bout of anxiety for sure. Just make up your mind already, ha, ha!

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13. This Fortune Cookie

Reddit | TheBossyElephant

Let's just take all the fun out of cracking this fortune cookie. This is definitely one job that's well done here. Hey, at least there was a message included. It's way worse when the fortune cookie is empty, no?

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Oh my goodness, aren't you glad you never messed up like this before? I sure am.

Giphy | Global TV

I have made my share of mistakes on the job but never as bad as these, ha, ha! Why don't you tell me some of yours? Spill the beans!

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