10+ Ideas That Must Have Been Created By A Genius

Some designers are so creative it's like their brains were developed differently from the rest of us. Their sheer power of creativity exhibits itself in the ideas and projects they make.

Let's take a look at exactly what I'm talking about through these awesome examples. These folks definitely took design ideas to the next level and ran away with them.

1. This Showerhead

Reddit | JabberVapor

What exactly is this light with numbers on this showerhead? If you can believe it this one comes with a dial so you can pick an exact temperature for the water to stay at. I've never seen that.

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2. This Package Slide

Reddit | OllyTheCrab

If you work in a place that's constantly shipping boxes out it can't be fun to take them down one by one? This person built a handy slide for that very purpose. That's more like it.

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3. These Stackable Cactus Glasses

Why just use regular glasses when you can create a work of art with ordinary objects? I think that's exactly the case here. These stackable glasses that can be shaped into cactuses are super fun. Aren't they?

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4. This Match Holder

I dunno about you but I always seem to have a problem striking a match. Especially when I have to use that tiny box it comes in. This match holder looks absolutely genius to me. I need to get one of these ASAP.

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5. This Fire Pit

Reddit | Meunderwears

We have a fire pit in the backyard where we live and we love to use it in the summer to make mean bonfires. But it's nothing like this amazing sunken fire pit somebody built in Melbourne, Australia.

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6. This Nose Socket

Oh my goodness, isn't this the funniest thing you've ever seen? I gotta say I never would have thought of making a nose socket like this. Now I really want to get my hands on one of these.

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7. This Whale Watching Museum

Reddit | willixel

Isn't it so cool that this whale watching museum in Norway looks just like a whale itself? I think this is such a smart idea. I wonder what the whales think of it? Maybe they think it's one of them.

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8. This Glamping Resort

I gotta admit when I first heard of glamping I wasn't too fond of the idea. But if I were to stay in a camping resort like this I would definitely be open to it now. Ha, ha!

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9. This Subway Station

Reddit | arbili

Can you believe there's a subway station in Naples, Italy that looks this cool? If I was able to take this route to work every day I would be a very happy and mellow person indeed.

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10. This Toothbrush And Utensil Holder

Reddit | GeneReddit123

Isn't this the cutest toothbrush or utensil holder? I love this simple elephant design. But I like it even more because it's been designed so the water can just drain straight into the sink. That's so cool.

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11. This Jump Rope

Reddit | sushim

Wouldn't it make for a more fun workout if you didn't have to count how many times you jumped through the jump rope? Oh, yes it would at least for me. This one actually has a counter built-in.

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12. This Outdoor Movie Theater

What if you could just chill by the water and watch your favorite movie? You can when you travel to this resort in the Maldives. Oh my! Isn't that a total dream or what? Take me there now, please!

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13. This Restaurant's Seating Area

Reddit | joazito

If you're one of those folks who are worried about the calories you consume, you may actually like this idea. This restaurant installed bike seats so you can burn calories while you eat your meal. Yay or nay? What do you think?

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Oh my, I gotta say I'm pretty impressed by all these awesome ideas here.

Giphy | YoungerTV

Especially when they not only look pretty darn cool but serve some kind of purpose too. What's your take on these? Are you digging any of them?

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