15+ Things That Proved They Could Happen Whether We Believe It Or Not

Dan 15 Oct 2020

A healthy dose of skepticism is pretty much a necessity in this day and age. No one wants to be gullible.

That said, there's still plenty of weird stuff that happens — stuff that's totally indifferent to whether you want to believe it or not.

1. Just another flamingo.

Reddit | Why_are_we_here__

It took me a hot minute to figure out what was going on here. Even when you realize it's a costume, you don't expect the person's head to be at the butt end.

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2. Great timing.

Reddit | a_political_junkie

This view shows a landslide on the surface of Mars, photographed by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The big slide happened purely by happenstance as the orbiter flew overhead.

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3. Kind of a sunset.

Reddit | Morandangel

This looks like someone spliced two photos together, one showing twilight and the other showing a brilliant sunset. It's amazing how much the cloud layer amplifies the warm tones.

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4. Tie it up.

Reddit | fotogneric

Ever wondered what one of your hopelessly tangled hairs looks like close-up? Wonder no more. It's weird how this hair appears to be so flat.

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5. No one reads these.

Reddit | loose_noodle

Yeah, no one reads terms and conditions but it's still mind-boggling just how many terms we're agreeing to when we use social media.

Instagram, please, try to streamline things a bit.

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6. Better bread than dead.

Reddit | zafferous

A bakery that maybe should have been a costume shop created these incredible mannequins out of, well, bread. These look impressive as well as delicious.

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7. The intricacy...

Reddit | IguanaBits4Sale

We've all seen rock art and inukshuks on the beach, but this is on another level. The further into the spiral you go, the more complex things get.

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8. No way that's real.

Reddit | Ryunysus

In case you didn't know (because I surely didn't), these are yooperlite rocks. Because they're full of sodalite, a fluorescent mineral, they can literally glow.

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9. Easy there, big fella.

Reddit | Browndog888

This statue or sculpture or whatever you want to call it is located in Bangkok and is made entirely of old car and motorcycle tires.

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10. Knees weak, arms are heavy.

Reddit | Najam99

This is the hand of someone with hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes extemely sweaty palms. Handshakes must be tough for this guy.

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11. Perfect match.

Reddit | Whittles7

You can call it serendipity or kismet but in any case, it just has to be a good omen when your personal aesthetic meshes so well with your surroundings.

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12. Chomp.

Reddit | chronic-void

You can see that something — probably a deer — has taken a big, hearty bite out of this puffball mushroom.

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13. They sound fun.

Reddit | assiramnes

I like how this offers "hauntings on request." Like, I don't want to be haunted, ever. But if I did, I'd at least want someone with a sense of humor to do it.

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14. Chicken-fried steak.

Reddit | Bananafish70

Yes, we're looking at a cow here but there's also a very distinct chicken silhouette in this photo. I wonder what its beef tastes like.

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15. Big bands.

Reddit | Morphabond

Just imagine the rubber band wars you could have with these comically oversized bands. I can't even think of what else you might use these for.

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16. Times change.

Reddit | Stipe77ForYou

Even if LEGO doesn't change the size of its bricks or studs, it still adapts to the times. The piece on the left shows an early 80s computer, while the one on the right is more modern.

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17. Spooky season.

Reddit | ineedmoresleepz

Sure, it's just an aspen tree but if you saw this at night, you'd be excused for thinking it was a bunch of unblinking eyes wrapped up like a mummy.

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18. Grab a cold one.

Reddit | sjthree

Yes, it's a grocery store that's being repurposed as a library. I guess a shelf is a shelf is a shelf but it's still a weird look.

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19. Bubbles blocked.

Reddit | Sailing_Squid1

This slice of lemon is wedged into the glass so thoroughly that the bubbly water can't even get through to the other side.

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20. A precarious situation.

Reddit | piesqurle21

Things aren't stable here and could collapse at any moment. Still, at this time, the books and lamp have found a delicate way to stay off the ground.

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