15+ Weird Pics That Showed Up Unexpectedly

Dan 15 Oct 2020

You can never expect the unexpected. Heck, even if you explicitly navigated to an online article that promises the unexpected, it's still impossible to properly anticipate these pics. So brace yourself. This is stuff you definitely weren't expecting.

1. Must be a new breed.

Reddit | tkj93

Two-headed cows are definitely a thing in old-timey freak shows, but this is no freak show. Just a bucolic day in the countryside with a chilled-out, two-headed cow.

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2. Frozen in time.

Reddit | IrishYankee

This pic says so much while leaving so much unanswered. The white pupper on the left clearly misjudged whatever it was doing. I just wish there was video of this.

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3. Thing 2.

Reddit | JoumanaKayrouz_

If your baby comes out of the womb with a clear "2" on their head, it really makes you wonder if there's an evil twin situation going on.

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4. Ice for sale.

National Archives

Sure, we sometimes buy bags of ice in the 21st century. But back before freezers were commonplace, people bought ice by the block.

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5. Summoning the power.


Plasma balls are fun for the whole family, cats included. Just look at the way this kitty is summoning black magic using its little toe beans.

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6. We're going to need a bigger roof.

Reddit | Holmes02

This has to be intentional, right? If so, it makes you wonder why this person wanted a subtle shark on the side of their house.

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7. Travel-sized watermelon.

Reddit | DEV_astated

I guess I knew deep-down that watermelons don't start off as big chonkers. But it's still weird to see a melon (apparently fully grown in this case) with such a small size.

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8. Where there's a will.

Reddit | yarinsn

The window on the right doesn't get much sunlight naturally, but thanks to a well-placed mirror, it now gets a little bit of reflected sunlight.

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9. Wait a sec.

Reddit | HskrRooster

This looked unremarkable at first, until I realized that the part I thought was her body was actually a pathway. Now I'll never look at paths the same way again.

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10. Tough break.

Reddit | GrumpiestSnail

This snake skeleton shows the effects of bone cancer. It looks like the bones just got confused and started growing randomly after a certain point.

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11. Chicken leg?

Reddit | SirHinnerk

This birch tree has a root system, as all trees do. Still, I've never seen a tree whose roots look so much like a chicken's foot.

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12. Crawling along.

Reddit | snaz27

Autumn is peak gourd season, affording all of us the opportunity to pick up a misshapen, warty piece of organic home decor. If you get lucky, you'll find one that looks like a snail.

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13. Together forever.

Reddit | citizendave111

These two carrots are truly in love. You can tell that just be looking at them. Whatever stew or dish they wind up in, they'll wind up in together.

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14. Cheeriooooos.

Reddit | acatt23

I didn't think Cheerios came in any weird shapes, but this extra-long one suggests otherwise. I wonder if it would be worth anything to a weirdo collector on eBay.

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15. Highway to hell.

Reddit | Alreaddy_reddit

Here's a fairly standard-looking intersection that leads to route 666. Whether you go east or west, it's a sure bet you'll end up in hell.

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16. Impressionist mailboxes.

Reddit | jessthegoodgirl

I like to look out the window when I wake up to get a glimpse of the day's weather. If these people did the same, they'd probably see that it looks melty out there.

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17. Cookie Monster's cousin.

Reddit | considertheinfinite

It takes a bolt of inspiration to see a mouth-like opening on a pine tree and realize that the only thing it's missing is a big pair of googly eyes.

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18. Whose hand is that?

Reddit | sn0rk95

This girl scratches her back in a very weird, unnerving way. I mean, good for her. At least she can reach those itchy spots with ease.

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19. Standoff.

Reddit | LuccePucce

The person who submitted this photo says the owl flew into the window, then proceeded to have an epic staredown with the cat. That bird has feathers of steel.

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