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Twitter Has Decided Steve Martin Already Won Halloween With Mike Pence's Fly Costume

Taylor Sakellis 15 Oct 2020

Twitter often has very good ideas. TBH, I think Twitter is one of the funniest websites on the internet. Anything you see on Instagram, chances are Twitter saw it first!

Twitter is also the best for celebrities like Steve Martin. Of course, the comedian uses no other social media accounts. Normally, this fact would just show his age, but to me, his overall social media cluelessness makes me love him even more!

By now, you've heard about the fly that wouldn't leave VP Mike Pence alone during the Vice Presidential Debate last Tuesday night.

Heck, so much time has passed you maybe have even already forgotten about the fly.

Well, I'm here to make sure you NEVER FORGET IT!

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Of course, Saturday Night Live had their fun with the fly on Saturday night's episode.

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Now, comedy legend Steve Martin is also getting in on the joke. While I'd rather he put his energy towards a Cheaper By The Dozen 3, this will do!

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Posting an adorable selfie, Steve captioned the tweet: "My Halloween costume arrived!" At first, the people were confused.


It truly gave me chills all down my spine to meet with this mischievous little creature once again!

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Needless to say, fans couldn't get enough of the hilarious gag. Steve Martin truly outdid himself yet again!


I personally would love to see the fly hold up a tiny "Biden For President" sign if it isn't too much work for the lil' guy!

What do you think of Steve's costume? Let us know in the comments below!

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