10+ Kitchens In Need Of A Design Intervention

They say, "home is where the heart is," and I think the heart of every home is the kitchen. It's a place where people gather to cook meals together, bond, and catch up on their daily lives.

So, it's imperative for this one space in the house to have the proper functionality, no? Well, these kitchen designs definitely missed the point here.

1. This Design Over Function

Reddit | chefmacari

Speaking of functionality, this kitchen ladies and gentleman isn't exactly what I had in mind. Whoever designed the layout in this kitchen must've been half-asleep. Either that or they forgot what the kitchen is for.

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I know that the open concept is all the rage these days. Everybody seems to like it. I definitely do get the appeal of it but there's got to be a line drawn somewhere. This is never okay.

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Is this a kitchen that's trying to be a bathroom or a bathroom that's trying to be a kitchen? I think this is one case of some mistaken identity here. What's your take on it ha, ha?

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4. This Space-Saving Kitchen

Facebook | C**jowe mieszkania do wynajęcia

I'm all about saving some precious space in the kitchen. Don't get me wrong on that, but I think these people are taking things a bit to the extreme. Don't ya think? How much more can you fit in here?

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Speaking of space-saving solutions, who says you need a separate room for both your bathroom and your kitchen? I do, that's who. I for one, don't want to do my business where I cook my food. Enough said, okay?

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6. This Opposite Of The 'Less Is More' Approach

I have no idea if the person who painted this kitchen heard the expression, "less is more". If they did they blatantly ignored it and went to town painting anyway. See what they did here?

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7. This 'Beachy' Counter

Reddit | themasonking

I might be biased a little because I'm a huge fan of the beach. So I wouldn't mind having this counter in my kitchen that much, but I know other people would disagree. At least it would remind me of some better days.

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Is it just me or is this particular shade of green not your cup of tea either? It might be just the fact that it's in the kitchen that's totally throwing me off. Are we on the same page here?

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9. These Cushion Cabinets

Reddit | hi_generic_username

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't having cushion cabinets in the kitchen a little counter-productive? I mean I wouldn't really want to spill anything on them. Can you imagine trying to get the grease off of these?

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10. This Unfortunate Layout

Facebook | C**owe mieszkania do wynajęcia

This is something new I haven't seen in a kitchen layout. I dunno how you're ever going to explain that your foot got trapped in the loo while you were frying those apple fritters.

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I dunno about you but I would have a hard time cooking in this kitchen. I wouldn't know where to focus my attention on. I think this is the case of somebody having too much time on their hands and a few extra cans of paint.

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12. This Fridge Placement

Reddit | -Beenjameen-

They say, "no man is an island", but this fridge definitely is. Why would anyone think placing it in the middle of the kitchen like this was in any shape or form functional? I'm totally baffled here.

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13. Wow, just when I thought I've seen some bad kitchen designs I was wrong. So totally wrong.

Giphy | Cake FX

It looks like there's a lot worse out there than I originally thought. Which one struck you as the worst one out of these?

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