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15+ Pics That Made An Impression Even Before We Understood Them

Although most people who post images on the internet are happy enough to explain, there are some who apparently disappear completely as soon as people have questions.

Naturally, those are the times in which the images are at their most mysterious and the context is the most sorely needed. Nothing gets people going like a big mystery so such posts are usually the subject of intense speculation that can go on for years if their uploader never comes back.

And as fun as such mysteries are, they can also inspire some seriously intense obsessions. Fortunately, we should have enough context for most of the otherwise strange pictures we're about to see for things to go quite that far.

1. Although this tree has to be pretty resilient to last this long, it didn't somehow grow into this position.

Reddit | Talrigvil

Apparently, a recent spate of heavy storms took some pretty massive chunks out of this cliff by the Croatian coast.

So this was probably as surprising for the tree as it was for everyone else.

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2. Although these aren't usually the words you want to see in your new house, it turns out that they're nothing to worry about.

Reddit | bobbydean86

Instead, the uploader is just looking at the results of some interesting upcycling by a previous owner. As they learned, parts of the house were built using wood from crates that once carried artillery shells back in World War II.

Presumably, the shells themselves are long gone.

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3. They say war is hell and this drawing shows that the uploader's great grandfather had a special reason to agree with that statement.

Reddit | CptnAubrey

This was drawn on the USS Philadelphia on June 24th, 1943 and that day apparently saw scorching temperatures of 115 degrees Fahrenheit, which the sailor described as "hot as Hades."

He also noted how sleepy he was before concluded with, "what a war."

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4. Apparently, there's a good chance that this manhole was paved over on purpose.

Reddit | BenThereNDoneThat

In some cases, it's apparently easier to just mark them with paint and cut them out later rather than pour the asphalt around them. From the looks of it, that didn't quite work in this case.

It's also likely that this manhole isn't actually used anymore and just sits here as a byproduct of a redesigned sewer system.

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5. This might not seem like a comfortable position but it's apparently a common one for this dog.

Reddit | alstraka

It turns out that if he's not sitting in his bed, the dog basically forgets how to sit and pretzels himself into weird positions like this.

It's sort of like when we're speaking publicly and don't know what to do with our hands.

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6. It may look like a donut but it's an incredibly safe bet that it doesn't taste like one.

Reddit | Chowbacca77

Apparently, the way that the current is moving through this creek has resulted in a mass of foam getting molded into this donut shape.

And since there are a lot of reasons why this foam may appear, it's probably not a good idea to try eating it.

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7. Although it's not unheard of for insects and other creatures to end up in produce, the same can rarely be said of rocks.

Reddit | Redditozo

I say "rarely" because now that this rock has apparently found its way into a bag of onions, we can't describe that as "never" happening.

Sadly, it's really unclear how this occurred. Maybe someone was short on onions and thought people wouldn't notice if they weighed the bag down?

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8. There's only one way I'm aware of that you'll ever see the ice at a hockey rink on fire and we're looking at it.

As you might have guessed, something went terribly wrong with the Zamboni and it caught on fire halfway through the job.

Curiously, it seems that the driver kept trucking along for way longer than you'd expect from someone whose equipment is half engulfed in flames. Talk about dedication!

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9. Although a few of these signs seem like weird ways to advertise your book store, they make sense when you read them together.

Reddit | tapedegg

Based on the references to an algorithm, skyrocketing profits and fast delivery, it's clear that this shop's owners are no fans of Amazon.

And yes, the tech giant is apparently looking to launch a lunar lander.

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10. While it's hardly impossible for a rainbow to form in our homes thanks to the way our windows can refract sunlight, they don't usually look like this.

Reddit | foxylady51113

Apparently, this colorful circle formed because the sunlight happened to hit a very small target from just the right angle. Namely, the peep hole in this person's front door.

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11. It's a little hard to see from this picture but there's one clear source for all of that smoke.

Reddit | epicmlg18

If you look to the left of it, you might make out one of the uploader's neighbors burning leaves in front of their lawn.

Since it's a windy day and they're doing it close to the street, there's a good chance we're seeing a law or two being broken here. I suppose that depends on the bylaws in this area, though.

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12. Even after this picture is explained, there's quite the air of mystery behind it.

Reddit | DriesOnReddit

Considering that this cellar is under a meadow belonging to the uploader's grandparents, this is presumably a member of their family.

But while it seems they only recently discovered it, this basement has apparently been here since the 1700s. Given its location, it was likely used to store either farm equipment or some farmer's yields.

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13. Apparently, the kid in this picture wasn't just crying because he didn't like wearing this wig.

Reddit | nyzoran

And we can get a slight hint into what's going on from the impish grin on the uploader's uncle's face. It turns out he had just finished telling their cousin that the wig would be permanently stuck to his head.

What a prankster.

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14. Normally, it wouldn't be terribly noteworthy to learn that the uploader scanned a QR code sent by their brother-in-law.

Reddit | lilDueyBoi

However, that fact is particularly significant in this case because the code works despite the fact that the relative drew it by hand.

It takes some talent to make such a high quality copy yourself.

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15. While this picture does raise some unanswered questions, we can at least get the gist of what's happening.

Reddit | DrewThinks

From the looks of it, this man is trying to send a taxidermied cat to somebody.

And while that apparently isn't a problem, it's not going anywhere until they can weigh it and determine how much that's going to cost.

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16. At first, the uploader thought they had caught a possum scurrying around on this tree.

Reddit | Cchaireazy

But upon closer inspection, they soon discovered that they were actually looking at what must be the biggest rat I've ever seen.

It certainly doesn't seem to have any trouble finding stuff to eat.

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17. This picture told the uploader everything they needed to know about the time they'd have visited their extended family.

Reddit | Quantum_Force

From the looks of it, their 10-year-old nephew has already decided that Nerf isn't extreme and enough for him.

So he's made some modifications that probably don't inspire much enthusiasm in the idea of playing with him.

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18. At first, it's honestly hard to tell what we're even looking at in this photo.

Reddit | _cannoneer_

Thankfully, the uploader helped us out a little and told us that they just polished their car.

Considering that it now looks like it comes equipped with a cloaking device, let me be the first to say, "You're telling me."

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19. If a truck sits abandoned for long enough, a lot of things can potentially happen to it.

Reddit | chickadichina

In this case, it seems that it was left here for long enough that not only did a tree grow under it but eventually grew strong enough to lift it up.

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20. In the uploader's words, "Lit a hat on fire with hairspray and summoned Ponyta."

Reddit | SpottsTheGoat

As for why they did this in the first place, it seems that a friend left their hat over at their place.

So as a means of pranking this friend, they burned a different hat that looked like it and sent them the picture. The resemblance to the fire pokémon was just a happy accident.

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