9+ Times Where Life Actually Exceeded Our Expectations

Brittany Rae 16 Oct 2020

I know they always say to look for the silver lining or on the bright side of life, but disappointment after disappointment has taught me to lower my expectations. C'mon, you must think like this, too. How many times has life failed to live up to your dreams?

Well, maybe these photos will change our minds. Here are a few times where life didn't just meet our expectations — it exceeded them.

1. This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Reddit | OptimalMongoose2

The image was simply captioned, "The ice cream machine worked." And that really says it all.

Fun fact: if the ice cream machine "doesn't work" at your local McD's, it's probably because it's a bear to clean and the employees just don't have time. Be nice to them!

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2. These "Doctor Who" themed cupcakes were a pleasant surprise.

Reddit | zarishka

"Sent an independent baker the first pic not hoping for much (it was a short notice), nearly cried with joy when got my order."

That baker is clearly a Whovian at heart.

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3. This is an incredible work of art.

Reddit | queso4lyfe

"Commissioned piece of my sweet, late Persephone. The artist surpassed any and all expectations!"

The purple and the gold really compliment Persephone here. I'm a huge fan of this amazing tribute to such a good girl.

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4. From filter to reality.

Reddit | prjrwifey18

The hair on the left was a Snapchat filter, the hair on the right is her real hair! The real hair is a total serve, and looks even better than the filter did!

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5. This tattoo proposal vs the finished design.

Reddit | artificiallyselected

The unbelievable part is that the entire consultation happened over the phone due to COVID-19.

"As soon as I saw the stencil I knew it was gonna be great. I trusted the artist and he took care of me."

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6. This frozen pizza ACTUALLY looks good.

Reddit | Odinlarsen

In fact, it was so good that it actually looked like the picture on the box. What is going on here? Are we living in an alternate universe now?

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7. This cake is WAY better than the one that inspired it.

Reddit | penderyn-shots

The one on the left is fine, but that fur is pretty stringy looking. The one on the right is much more polished! Apparently, it was so big that it fed 30 people. I want some.

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8. This character ice cream doesn't look like it's seen something horrific.

Reddit | Barajasjayr

You know how those novelty ice creams never look like the character they're meant to? This one actually does. I have never seen something like this before. Magic. Good for you, Bubbles.

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9. This necklace is absolutely beautiful.

Reddit | brokenfap

The artist posted this before and after on Reddit, and I'm happy to report they were immediately showered in a waterfall of new orders. You can check them out here.

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10. When following the recipe actually works.

Reddit | ag2575

"Dad’s cookies turned out just like the picture. Chocolate crinkle cookies from America’s Test Kitchen."

Um, dad? Can I have one? Because those look like they belong in my mouth.

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11. Wow, the actual product is actually way cooler.


I would genuinely skip buying this based on the image on the box. Those leaves are just sad looking, and the pink on the mushroom caps is so pale. The reality is way nicer!

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12. When you attempt something and it actually works.

Reddit | richieonmemes

Oh, and she didn't use a pattern — she had to eyeball the entire thing. That level of talent is completely unparalleled, y'all. I'm so impressed, and also I want one.

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13. Holy. Dinosaur crap.

Reddit | thepantyprincessx


"When your 3 year old asks for a rainbow dinosaur donut party you comply. I drew the design and had it made by a local baker."

Hi, I'm 31, and I would like a rainbow dinosaur party.

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14. Believe it or not, this is a massive win.

Reddit | The_Real_JT

This was a re-creation of a spice rack Homer built in The Simpsons. I can't believe how absolutely perfect it looks. It won't hold a thing, and it's beautiful.

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15. The dog's faces say it all.

Reddit | ezfriedchiken

"Ordered the blanket from a sketchy seeming website. They nailed it!"

Okay, I just have to know: Do the dogs always look that terrified? I'm kidding — they're adorable!

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