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Coffee Mate Is Getting Ready To Launch A New M&M's Creamer

Lex Gabrielle 16 Oct 2020

When it comes to drinking coffee, there are people who love to flavor it and people who love it just black. For those who like to have some creamers inside their coffee, there's nothing like spicing things up with some fun flavors and delicious treats. If you're into candy and you're into sweet treats, Coffee Mate has you covered with some flavors that will totally blow your mind.

Coffee Mate is known for putting some fun, delicious flavors out.

From cereal flavors to fun, delicious desserts, Coffee Mate is well known for experimenting with creamer flavors. If you're someone who likes their coffee fun and sweet, you're probably a Coffee Mate fiend.

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Now, the company is announcing they're making a flavor we have all been waiting for.

Unsplash | Christopher Ott

Instagram account @candyhunting found out that Coffee Mate is coming out with an M&M flavor creamer and apparently, it tastes just like melted chocolate! Yum!

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According to Coffee Mate's Instagram page, the creamer will be dropping in January 2021.

The Coffee Mate team confirmed the news on their Instagram page. Chocolate lovers, rejoice, this is the moment we have all been waiting for.

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It seems that the feedback from customers already is hot, hot, hot!

Instagram | @candyhunting

Many people commented on the Instagram post talking about how excited they were for this creamer to drop. Some even said they're not a huge coffee lover, but they're still excited for this new M&M's creamer.

Will you be stocking up on this new flavor?

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