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The Rock Shares Adorable Second Grade Throwback Pic

Taylor Sakellis 16 Oct 2020

Dwayne Johnson is one of the most well known Hollywood studly studs— he's the friggin ROCK for goodness sake! So when this gorgeous hunk of man shared an adorable throwback Thursday picture of himself, it gave me hope that my glow-up is still on the way!

That's how it works, right? A 24-year-old waiting for their glow-up?!

The Rock is truly God's gift to men AND women everywhere. He is kind, charismatic, super talented, MUSCULAR AF and ~beyond~ handsome!

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But above all else, he's humble! He's genuine and he's down to earth!

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How do I know this? Because the 48-year-old just shared this adorable throwback photo of his childhood self and it's SO ADORABLE!

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"Throwback to 7 years old in Hawaii, and just drippin’ cool with my buck teeth, aloha shirt and WTF is going on with my afro matted down on one side!?" he captioned the pic.

"No way this stud doesn’t grow up to become Sexiest Man Alive!"

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He finished off with the hashtags, "#HellooooLadies," "#BuckyJohnson," "#SmellsLikeHotDogs," and "#KingOf2ndGrade."


Naturally, everyone was obsessed with pic and how CUTE HE WAS GROWING UP!

"The pic we all needed to wake up to!! Lol!!!" commented Dany Garcia.

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"Thank you for posting this, now I feel better with my buck teeth," echoed @zionxtaramai.

Instagram | @therock

Now, The Rock is one of the most well-known actors in Hollywood and can crush a whole large pizza by himself!

And if that's not a glow-up, I don't know WHAT IS!

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