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15+ Rare Sights People Managed To Get A Good Pic Of

Ryan Ford 16 Oct 2020

Now, I know we all want to get a glimpse of what's going on behind the gates at Area 51 but that's not going to happen anytime soon. The government is pretty intent on keeping its secrets and we don't have access to any kind of cloaking technology to get in there without being detected.

No, these rare sights aren't of the closely-guarded-and-enforced-by-guns variety — these are more like things you just don't expect to see every day, or even every other day. But they're all things well worth grabbing a pic of.

1. So majestic.

Reddit | OleMonster

You have to appreciate the luck the photographer had when encountering this buck swimming, antlers held high.

Not only do you find deer in the woods much more often than in the water but seeing one on a foggy day is tough on its own.

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2. Picture perfect.

Reddit | TesstiCole

As a person who lives in a decidedly snowy climate, I can confirm that perfect snowflakes seldom show up individually and when they land, they don't tend to stick around for very long.

I guess her hair must have insulated this snowflake from the heat of her head, allowing the moment to last long enough to grab a good pic.

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3. Nyan Cat?

Reddit | Annemabriee

I guess Nyan Cat leaves a rainbow behind it. This one is just sitting in a rainbow, or rather, in light being split up by a prism.

It's just kind of amazing how clearly defined the colors are and how the cat picks them up.

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4. Yes, that's a beluga whale wearing a blanket.

Instagram | @mchs.russia

Alexei Paramonov, a Russian inspector with the Ministry of Emergency Services, responded to a call about a pair of belugas, mother and calf, that had been stranded on a beach at low tide.

He stayed with them through the night, fending off wild animals and keeping them hydrated. The blanket was an effort to prevent hypothermia. When the tides went back up the next day, the belugas swam to freedom.

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5. Excuse me?

Reddit | yadadsbrother

Check your closet, because this moth has clearly been well fed. My goodness.

Spotted in Australia, naturally, this behemoth of a moth is actually an ex-moth about to be swept up. And yet, somehow that doesn't make it much less imposing.

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6. Well, it's a light snack.

Reddit | silentowleye

You wouldn't have to worry too much about blowing your diet eating this tiny banana.

And apparently, it tasted just like a full-sized banana would so it's just a weird thing some banana plant did.

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7. What the bark?

Reddit | uptheanti3030

I'm no expert but I'm fairly certain trees typically have just one bark pattern. This one looks like it got cut off and then another kind of tree started growing from the stump, perhaps.

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8. Quite the growth ring.

Reddit | dylansthoughts

Who knows, maybe a few years from now, that tire will be part of the tree.

Clearly the tree just happened to grow inside this discarded tire but it's obviously something you don't see every day. And it would be a pain to try to get that tire off.

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9. Two cool.

Reddit | burdgod

Sure, it's not that uncommon to see someone's mileage hit 123,456 but it's still a long way after that to hit 222,222.

And to hit that milestone at 2:22 am, too — that's next level.

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10. Not sure that's cloud nine.

Reddit | heming_sway

Would it be worse or better to stand in this box on the side of the Sears Tower — aka Willis Tower — on a foggy day or a clear day?

Because it sure looks otherworldly on a foggy day, don't you think?

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11. Bonus!

Reddit | zzzzzzzzzzd

This is kind of like that "Bank Error In Your Favor, Collect $10" Monopoly card. Usually you just get air in that first couple of inches, so that's a win.

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12. Extra light mayo.

Reddit | greg__37

At the other end of the spectrum from the full peanut jar, this jar managed to get labeled and sealed and packaged up despite not having any actual mayo inside.

What an odd manufacturing defect and one that you definitely don't see on store shelves too often.

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13. I sincerely hope this is a rare sight.

Reddit | throwawaythedamnpie

Personally, I've never found nipples on my bacon at home and that's a streak I would very much like to keep up.

There's little out there that can ruin one of the most perfect foods around and that's it right there.

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14. What are the odds?

Reddit | Bomurang

Yes, not all trees are going to change their colors at the same rate, but these ones apparently had the good grace to change to match the color of paint on the buildings they stand in front of.

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15. A perfect moment.

Reddit | TacticalHermes

If you are ever graced with the presence of an eagle just hanging out on top of a shopping mall, I hope you're able to get a pic like this. It's like a Disney princess moment, only better.

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16. Right place, right time.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona

And that right place just happened to be Mars. In May 2019, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter managed to grab an image of a landslide cascading down a 1,640-foot cliff.

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17. A million miles away.


No, really, this pic was taken at a distance of about a million miles and it captures both the far side of the moon and the Earth in the same image.

Now that's one rare view, especially considering that the far side of the moon hadn't even been seen until 1959.

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18. Just humming along.

Reddit | ajamesmccarthy

You wouldn't know it from ground level but the International Space Station really gets around, orbiting at a speed of about 7.66 km/s (27,600 km/h; 17,100 mph).

So grabbing a pic of it in this detail, against the backdrop of a crescent moon, is pretty spectacular.

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19. How friendly!

Reddit | Artsmah

For the most part, we're all quite happy to just let wasps do their own thing and live in their own space.

But this one looks like it has seen the photographer in the reflection in the window and waved back!

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20. Berry cool.

Reddit | woofwoofgrrl

Usually when a bug gets ahold of a berry, you wouldn't want to touch it again.

But whatever crawled across the surface of this berry left some artwork behind. I wouldn't really want to eat it now — of course — but it's also much nicer than the goo you'd expect.

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