12+ Strange Pics That Made Us Look Twice

Chances are you must have seen an optical illusion at least once in your life. These rare phenomenons appear when our eyes play tricks on us and make us see things that aren't really there.

It turns out that our visual patterns can sometimes trigger our system, causing it to see familiar objects in very strange places. Check out these amazing examples here to see what I mean.

1. This Car


Is it just me or do you see a white blanket on this car? If you do, you'll be surprised to know it's actually snow. Say what? I know, I got fooled too. I've never seen snow arranged like this before.

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2. These Potatoes

Reddit | 2pam

When you look at this picture you'd think you're gazing at some cool gemstones. Am I right? Well, as it turns out it's just a bunch of purple potatoes, ha, ha! I can't get over how cool they look.

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3. This Petunia

Reddit | shady_robot

Doesn't this gorgeous petunia look just like some galaxy far, far away? Just starring at it makes me feel I'm about to hit hyper speed on any given second to visit another planet in a place away from here.

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4. This Window

Reddit | norfo

Speaking of far galaxies, doesn't this look like one to you? What would you say if I told you it was just a shot of someone's window after a rainfall? It looks pretty amazing. Doesn't it? I'm totally wowed.

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5. This Strange View

Reddit | ReadItSteveO

This person took a picture on their porch in South Salem of this view and it looks like a scene from Stranger Things. Don't you think? How does the sky even get that red? That is one odd occurrence.

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6. This Little Guy


OMG, is this not the cutest baby animal you have ever seen? If you thought it was a little baby hippo you would be so wrong. Believe it or not, it's a hairless guinea pig. Aww!

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7. These 'Groot' Heads

Reddit | bayrho

Speaking of cute things, are you seeing what I'm seeing? Doesn't this sweet potato flower look like it has three 'Groot' heads growing out of it? My fellow Guardians of the Galaxy fans will know what I mean here.

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8. This Candle

Reddit | philcsn

Is this some wild mushroom tree that's glowing in a forest? No, it's just a candlewick burning away so spectacularly. I wish I was able to capture something as interesting as this. I completely adore it, I must say.

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Is this a bird or a pine cone? If you guessed a bird, you get a prize. Just kidding! I wish I could give you a prize but sadly I can't. But just looking at this cutie should be good enough, no?

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10. These Clouds

Instagram | @nprovince101

Oh my goodness, how cool is this picture? Doesn't it look just like molten lava? This is actually a shot of a sunset with some blood-shot clouds underneath it. This is simply stunning. Isn't it?

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11. These Cornfields

Instagram | @airpixels

I wouldn't be surprised if you thought that you were looking at a picture of stained glass. But would you have guessed that it's actually a sky view of some cornfields? Yes, that's right. Isn't that totally wild?

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12. This Rock

Reddit | VVHYY

Oh, wow. What am I looking at here? I hate to say it but to me, it actually resembles somebody's head. Not gonna lie, I would scream if I stumbled upon this in real life. But fear not — it's just a rock. So now you can calm down. No need to call 911.

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13. These Trees

Reddit | alexandrosdimo

Is this a rocket launch we're witnessing here? Sadly, no! Instead, these are just some huge trees adorned with Christmas lights that were covered in snow. Can you believe the effect it created here? It's pretty incredible.

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Oh my gosh, I could stare at awesome optical illusions like these all day.


Honestly, they make me feel so happy and joyful. I think these are the perfect pictures that will make you stop and appreciate what life has to offer. No?

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