14+ Weird Pics That Are Making Us Uncomfortable For Some Reason

Dan 16 Oct 2020

Feelings like fear, terror, or even garden-variety discomfort don't have to be logical. They come from a deep-down gut reaction that doesn't always make sense.

If these pics prompt a shiver or involuntary squirm, it's just your body telling you that it's weirded out.

1. Interesting choice.

Reddit | The_Mongolian_Walrus

This thing, which isn't an electric chair but sure looks like one, was found in an abandoned school of all places. Maybe it's a play electric chair?

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2. The fossil record doesn't support this.

Reddit | Navi1101

We still tend to picture dinosaurs as scaly lizards, even though it's clear that many of them probably had feathers. If you're the madman who put this together, you might even think they were covered in shells.

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3. Great presentation, great flavour, gross concept.

Reddit | ninjamonkey0418

This looks like a delicious wedding cake, but it's actually made of steak, bacon and mashed potatoes. Those are all delicious things but I just don't want to conceptualize them in this way.

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4. Not what boats are for.

Reddit | boriswong

This person has a big backyard, a nice deck and a swimming pool. Something about the swimming pool, though, unnerves me a bit. Boats are supposed to keep the water at bay.

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5. Feedbag.

Reddit | titMilkMonster

This woman forgot her mask, so she's wearing a...Crown Royal bag instead. I know that modern problems require modern solutions and all but this looks like a purple elephant trunk.

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6. From the depths.

Reddit | TedTheHappyGardener

This piece by artist Simon O'Rourke is extremely impressive — just look at the details on the creases of the hand — but there's something I don't like about a gigantic hand emerging from the ground.

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7. Weird smell.

Reddit | PeevesPoltergist

Body spray scents are supposed to have vague names like "musky squall" or "champion blast", not highly specific but incongruent combinations like leather and cookies.

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8. Get back to shore.

Reddit | baddiesofig2

There's something about the crescent moon rising behind this wave that makes it feel like the devil himself, complete with glowing horns, is pursuing this photographer.

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9. Hope that door holds up.

Reddit | adewasal

I'm sure this is just a standard #floridathing but as a northerner, I'm very freaked out. I don't think that guard cat is going to be able to fend off a gator.

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10. Not OSHA compliant.

Reddit | Chan-Nara

On one hand, you could look at this and say, "If it works, it works." On the other, more cautious hand, you could look at this and say, "Stop while you're still ahead."

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11. The hot new thing.

Reddit | ZigZag_Queen

I don't know why anyone would want their lips to look like they've been pressed against a fishing net but I suppose we all have the right to our own fashion statements.

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12. Attention grabber.

Reddit | cherry2000-25

Imagine traveling down the highway at night and coming up behind this thing. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation but I'm also sure I don't want to stick around to hear it.

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13. Surprise!

Reddit | thatbluewoman

The person who posted this says they found it in the attic of their new place. I wonder if the old owner is a prankster or if maybe there's some Roswell-level stuff going on here.

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14. Seems unnecessary.

Reddit | hobowithadegree

Look, if people want to put displays on their urinals, I'm not going to stop them. But putting a camera in the display is taking things a few steps too far.

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15. Built-in ladder.

Reddit | Fireblake7656

If spoilers are supposed to help keep cars on the ground when they're traveling at high speeds, I guess this one's designed to keep the car from lifting into the stratosphere.

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16. Nightmare fuel.

Reddit | Tandjame

You never want to encounter a bear in the wild. More importantly, you never want to encounter a hairless bear because those things are way creepy.

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17. Comfort first.

Reddit | Captain-Fapkin

When a store says "no shoes, no shirt, no service," it's technically saying that wearing tighty-whities or diapers — and nothing else — on your lower half is totally okay.

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18. No thanks.

Reddit | ExpertAccident

This is the reassuringly-named giant devil's flower mantis. When you think about it, it's an aptly horrifying name for a freaky looking bug.

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19. Pockmarked.

Reddit | nohopefortheliving

Woodpeckers peck holes in this tree and then squirrels store their nuts in the tree. The only loser here is the poor tree itself.

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20. Spooky season.

Reddit | pirogovak

If the purpose of jack-o-lanterns is to make pumpkins look scary, the purpose of this pumpkin is to look scary with no carving required.

Which pic weirded you out the most? Let us know in the comments!

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