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Fans Are Nostalgic After Chris Evans Says He Misses His Long Hair

Taylor Sakellis 16 Oct 2020

Chris Evans is known for being a stud muffin— DUH! Captain America, anyone?! He is also known for having a dreamy face, a gorgeous beard, and slicked back short hair like a Peaky Blinder.

However, there was a time, a flash of light, if you will, where Chris had a gorgeous, long hairdo and while it didn't last for long, it stuck in the people's hearts and minds forever!

Chris Evans is best known for being Captain America from "The Avengers" franchise. Also, for rocking a gorgeous knit sweater in the blockbuster hit "Knives Out."

Giphy | Knives Out

In these movies, and in most of his films, Chris is rocking a gorgeous, slicked-back hairstyle.

It's his signature!

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However, there was a time when Chris was rocking a much ~longer~ hairstyle.

A time when his ~flow~ was the star of the show.

A time when his hair did not care.

Believe it or not, Chris himself even misses it!

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"Kinda miss my long hair," Chris captioned the series of throwback pics. Naturally, Chris' friend and professional prankster Ryan Reynolds made a hilarious comment in reply to the post:

Instagram | @chrisevans

But Ryan wasn't the only one who missed Chris' long locks.

"Bring it back for winter," commented @meendylovesfoxy.

"We miss it too, Chris!" echoed @raechelle_._.

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Instagram | @enews

It's easy to see Chris Evans' long hair is what the world needs to redeem the year 2020.

Do you miss the actor's flow? Let us know in the comments below!

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