15+ Things That Are Kinda Odd But Also Kinda Fascinating

It's not uncommon that we find things that both terrify and amaze us. Even if we find a certain object, experience, or phenomenon strange, there's beauty and wonder in it too.

The list below features people who get it, and who show off 15+ things that are kinda odd, but also kinda fascinating.

"My rug looks like a giant version of my napkin."

Does it have the same absorbent ability? Y'know what, maybe it's best not to find out.

"I hit a ticket jackpot and started redeeming the tickets before they finished dispensing."

But that eliminates the best part about winning an arcade jackpot: sporting your giant chain of tickets around your neck like a champion.

"Pumpkins are out of season in Australia, so the supermarkets are trying to sell Halloween pineapples instead."

I can get behind carving pineapples, but I don't think they'd last on the porch as long.

"My Buddha’s temple succulent has grown into a Sandworm."

This looks great! Just make sure it doesn't start sporting teeth. Or move.

"Took a picture of this wasp on my mirror, and he was waving at me!"

He may seem all friendly and cute, but there's a reason he's waiting on your car: he's trying to get a ride.

"The way my staples held form when I flipped the cup I have been collecting them in."

Does anyone remember moon sand? This looks like it would have the same texture and movement as moon sand.

"Each square represents one week of an 88 year life span. Tracking my progress."

This feels too much like a countdown to me. I would be afraid to check that last box.

"A large painting of Nicolas Cage on a carnival ride."

Not just any Nic Cage, but Con Air Nic Cage. Both extremely wild, amazing choices for a carnival ride.

"The bubble on my soap nozzle only half popped."

Seeing a bubble with any kind of hard-edge is so upsetting. This isn't natural. I don't like looking at it.

"Our paint can broke last night and dried in a really fun way."

'Fun' is one way to put it. 'Bordering on terrifying with one wrong shadow' is another.

"The detailed weaved frosting on this cookie."

Are you sure they didn't cut out part of a sweater for this? It's an impressive amount of detail, I'd be worried about getting a fabric-filled bite at first.

"I met a man with a toucan at my local Petco."

I have a confession to make. I'm afraid of toucans. Long story, I'm just glad that someone else got to meet him and not me.

"This box filled with 3,000 origami cranes that I folded."

This requires a level of patience and dedication that I could never achieve. I salute you.

"This Waffle House sign only lost its consonants."

The ruined sign mixed with the grey sky makes this look like a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

"This Rolling Pumpkins logo I saw yesterday."

Very well done, but just such an odd choice. They aren't a band I'd specifically attribute to fall or Halloween.

"It was hot enough this summer in Phoenix to melt the blinds on my bedroom window."

At least in this heat, you can take some cool selfies with squiggly sunbeams!

"I found a 1928 silver dollar. In Sweden. In 2020. [It's] apparently worth up to $100USD."

The fact that some coins cost way more than the price they were intended to be is such a funny concept to me. This dollar is now $100 because we say so.

"I got a cramp in the side of my hand, and you can actually see it."

I don't get a lot of cramps, so when I get one it momentarily spooks me. Seeing what they look like doesn't help.

"Found this old generic beer can."

This is the type of beer doomsday preppers would store in their bunkers. Maybe they're onto something.

"The old escalators of Wynyard train station in Sydney now hang from the ceiling."

At least you know their escalators are maintained and replaced when needed!