The Saran Wrap Party Game Will Keep Your Whole Family Entertained This Holiday Season

You know how frustrating it can be to pull out Saran wrap? It almost never comes out smoothly, and then when you go to rip it, it always snags and starts sticking together, and before you know it, you've got a ball of plastic wrap that isn't good for anything.

Well, not anymore.

Now you can actually make a game out of creating a ball of Saran wrap — which, take that, am I right? — that will be fun for the whole family.

So, get ready to unwind (or unwrap) and make memories with this Saran wrap party game. It's definitely not a stretch to say everyone will have a blast.

It's time to unveil the holiday magic.

In this Saran wrap party game, goodies like packaged candy, cute ornaments, and other small items are all wrapped up in a ball of the clingy plastic wrap.

The idea is to place all the items between layers of the wrap. Once you've created a large ball made primarily of the dreaded Saran wrap but also interspersed with gifts, each player takes a turn pulling back one layer of the plastic until the goodies come tumbling out.

What's inside can be as simple or detailed as your heart desires. If you're feeling extra exciting, you may wanna throw in a little money, too.

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Once someone gets the extra special prizes, it's a wrap.

Your Saran wrap ball can be any size you want and have lots of goodies for larger parties.

Sure, it's see-through, so players will be able to see what's in store. But that's also part of the fun, because it's hard to gauge how many layers need to be peeled away until you can get to the prize.

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Let the games begin!

Unsplash | Brett Jordan

Once the goodies are all wrapped up, it only takes two people to get things started — but of course multiple people can play.

One player rolls the dice while another starts unraveling the Saran wrap.

As soon as the dice land on doubles, the Saran wrap ball is passed to another player.

It's all about speed, precision, and above all, fun!

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It's time to have some festive holiday competition.

Giphy | Denyse®

Setting up your own game is simple and fun.

It starts with deciding what kind of goodies you want, buying your Saran wrap, and then making sure you have some dice. All that's left is gathering the family by the fire where the unraveling can begin.

If you decide to try this game, let us know what you think in the comments! Extra points if you post a picture of your Saran wrap masterpiece.

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