Mom's Photo Of Her 'Christmas Haul' For Toddler Generates Online Reaction

Lex Gabrielle 4 Nov 2020

Christmas is a holiday that many children and parents look forward to all year. By the time the holiday season comes around, parents are already shopping and buying things to gift to their children for the big day. No matter what is going on, some parents just love to give their kids a lot of fun and festive presents for Christmas time. Some parents give a lot, while others limit gifts, but there's nothing quite like seeing your kid's smiles on Christmas morning.

Some parents believe that Christmas time is the time to spoil your kids.


While buying things for them all year round may not be the best idea, many parents believe that Christmas time is the right time to go above and beyond for them.

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However, other parents believe that spoiling your kids is a bad lesson.

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Other parents think that spoiling your kids is a bad look overall. Some believe that giving them too much, even for Christmas, sets a bad example and teaches them bad lessons.

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Recently, one mom was under fire for posting a photo of her "Christmas haul" for her toddler online.

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The picture was posted to the Facebook group, Christmas Mums Australia, and showcased an array of toys and dolls for this mom's toddler. While the mom showed some excitement for the gifts, some parents were divided.

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The mom posted the photo showing dozens upon dozens of dolls and toys.

Facebook l Christmas Mums Australia

"My Christmas stash for little miss two and still have about $1500 in laybys to pick up. Love you my little princess," she wrote as the caption for the Facebook picture.

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Many parents online were divided over whether or not the mom was doing "too much."

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Some moms on the Facebook group said that this mom was "spoiling" her toddler and setting her up for a, "lifetime of disappointment."

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Others said that there were 'better ways' to spend the money.

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"Put that money into a bank account for a uni fund or a car or a house. Something that is actually going to help her," one person commented.

"A lot for a 2-year-old," another person said.

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However, other parents said they understood this mom and they resonated with her excitement for Christmas.

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"I love this. I have one daughter and I am exactly the same. Brush off the negative comments that will come and just do you," one person commented.

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Other parents pointed out that the kids are "only young once" and that's the time to celebrate the most.

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"We are exactly the same with our little miss four! We have so many items already in our roof stash not including an electric scooter, a frozen motorbike and a unicorn that you ride and it walks. We have also hired reindeer and snow for our front yard! They are only little once," one person added in the comments.

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It's clear to see that everyone parents their children differently.

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Some parents go all-out for their kids on Christmas and holidays, and others like to showcase "meaningful" traditions instead.

What kind of parent are you? Do you think this mom was over the top?

h/t: Kidspot

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