Couples Are Sharing Sweet Photos That Compare The Start Of Their Relationships To Now

Lex Gabrielle 6 Nov 2020

There's no better feeling in the world than falling madly and completely in love with someone. Being in love is one of those incredible feelings that you just can't get enough of every day.

Sometimes, when you've come a long way with your partner, it's sweet to look back and see things that brought you two together in the first place. Recently, a new trend on Twitter has taken over where couples are posting photos of "how it started" compared to "how it ended" to showcase just how far they've come with their significant others and it's so, so sweet!

1. Grabbing a slice of pizza lead to a whole lot more.

Who knew that this innocent pizza date would one day lead to a beautiful romance and family? Congrats, you two!

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2. From Twitter reply to marriage.

Who would have thought that one response on Twitter could bring two people utterly and madly in love with each other? This is just too cute.

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3. Sliding right into the DMs pays off.

Today's generation loves to joke about sliding into everyone's direct messages, but in the end you may be finding your "forever" person!

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4. BFFs to soulmates.

In the beginning, they may have just been flirty friends, but in the end they seem to be in love and happier than can be.

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5. Sometimes, social media works wonders.

More and more it seems as though millennials are using social media to meet their soulmates and fall in love. How sweet that Twitter brought these two together.

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6. Shy no more!

Shoot your shot and tell someone you think they are pretty and great. Make sure you let them know how you feel in case they don't know how to say it first.

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7. Same school and all.

Could you imagine if you went to the same exact school as someone who you would eventually fall in love with, but you just had no idea? Small world!

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8. Again, the direct messages are giving everyone hope.

If this isn't a sign to direct message your celebrity crush and profess your undying love for them, I'm not sure what is. Just kidding — but this is so, so sweet.

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9. Concert ticket sales = true love.

DMing someone about buying a concert ticket sale led the two of these girls into each other's arms. How adorable and also romantic, right?

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10. How sweet and cheeky!

If you have enough confidence to send someone a message like this, it would be great and you have no idea where you can end up int he long run (hopefully in each other's arms in a nice pool).

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11. From kids to grown ups.

Funny hats and funky hair colors, these two seem to have gone through it all together. Look how lovely everything turned out!

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