11+ Weird Finds People Made In Their Thrift Store Purchases

Brittany Rae 9 Nov 2020

Going to the thrift store is already an adventure in itself. You honestly never know what you're going to find. Some days, you come out with a huge haul (that only cost a few bucks, mind you), and other times you leave empty-handed. That's the beauty of the thrift store: it's like a retail lottery.

These people scored some pretty cool finds at the thrift store, but when they got home, they realized there was another secret waiting to be discovered. Let's check out these unusual finds.

1. Now THAT'S a jackpot.

Reddit | insertnamehere02

"So I found this really nice Kipling carry on rolling duffel for $34. Missing a few zipper pulls, but in good shape. HOWEVER, found inside one of the pockets was a Citizen eco drive and a 14k white gold diamond (?) ring. Need to verify the diamond, the band is stamped 14k. Win!"

The lesson here? If you buy something from the thrift store, check the pockets. Also, before donating to a thrift store — check the pockets.

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2. I would totally take these to get appraised.

Reddit | Luster-Purge

"Bought this organizer from a moving sale two years ago for $10, finally got around to cleaning it out today and to my surprise found a jewelry box full of old pins and earrings (and a 1 cent Euro for some reason) that had been hidden inside the whole time."

I wonder how much they were worth!

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3. This is a piece of history!

Reddit | hersheybeagle

"Today I found an authentic Ryder Cup Team USA blazer from 2006, and inside the pocket were notes for a speech delivered by (I think) the president of the PGA."

That is so crazy!

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4. This never happens.

Reddit | Vinylwrap

"Pink Floyd hidden inside a 10cc cover $4 so happy."

It's usually the opposite in a thrift shop, let's be real. It's usually a cool cover with a totally random record inside!

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5. We love a hidden feature.


Okay, this is less of a weird find, and more of a weird feature. This burger serving dish has a little dip tray inside it! I totally want one of these.

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6. That's no bangle.

Reddit | aaronpbentley

The buyer thought they were getting a bangle, but it turned out to be a watch! That is a dope af watch, guys. I would totally whip that out whenever I could.

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7. I'll take that bookmark.

Reddit | maddogg03

"Randomly picked up this book at my local thrift store because of the image on the cover and flipped through it to find five dollars tucked inside. Of course, I had to buy it and now am using the money as a bookmark."

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8. This one is just a good purchase.

Reddit | u/CremlinGremlin

"Went to a charity sale for things people left behind in dorms last year at my university - Found this taupe Celine belt bag for £2 (it’s more than likely a fake but it’s still amazing quality and super soft suede inside!) also found 2 £1 coins inside the pocket so essentially ended up being free!"

Wooo! We love purchases that pay for themselves!

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9. I am so jealous.

Reddit | glitteryfrog

"Picked up this Matt + Nat purse at the local value village and found the matching wallet inside!"

I would die to find Matt + Nat in a thrift store. Their stuff is crazy expensive, and such high quality!

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10. This weird vase had a hidden note with a BIG secret.

Reddit | Frugallyspoilt

"Bought for 1.99 each. Found a note in one that they were 225.00 a pair. Leeds pottery circa 1780."

On further investigation, the buyer discovered these are 240 years old. Holy. Crap.

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11. I'm so jealous of people who find money.

Reddit | u/aaronpbentley

"Found in a pants pocket at a Value Village in Canada. 65 pounds!"

That's roughly $111 Canadian dollars, or $85 USD. That's legit getting paid to take those pants off the thrift store's hands, let's be real.

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12. This chair has a secret drawer.

Facebook | Weird Secondhand Finds

"Bought today at a resale shop. 8 bucks! The secret drawer is undetectable. I had never seen one before!"

I have also never seen that, and I would totally hide stuff in it. Probably candy.

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13. This mirror had a sweet note behind it.

Reddit | opulentobscurity

"Beautiful gold mirror I got for $10 at an estate sale in October 2019. My favorite part of this mirror is that I found a love note (I assume it was written to the original owner) on the back of it!"

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14. Is this an ornament?

Reddit | danceswithtwins

"Found this adorable wooden bottle at the local hospice store, it has a surprise inside. Good luck charm?"

People believe it's a good luck charm, I think it's an ornament. What do you think?

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