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Wife Demands Husband Pay All Vet Bills After He Blames Potent Farts On Dog

Amy Pilkington 7 Nov 2020

Can I be honest with you all for a second?

I fart. Yes, I am a woman and I fart. Because everyone farts, it's perfectly natural, and it shouldn't have some sort of stigma attached to it, regardless of gender.

Yes, there are times and places where it may not be polite — maybe try to avoid it in a crowded elevator — but I try to think of it like burping. If it's a place you'd be comfortable burping, then it's fine to let the gas out the other way too.

In the privacy of my own home, with only family around? I'm letting it rip.

Reddit | SexyFoodandFilms

So I've probably already given away what my opinion of this conundrum shared in the r/AmItheAsshole subreddit, but maybe you'll think differently.

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User SexyFoodandFilms begins by setting the scene.

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She and her husband have a wonderful dog named Jerry, who they both love dearly.

SexyFoodandFilms also happens to be pregnant, which is important to the story since pregnancy can make a woman's sense of smell more sensitive.

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The saga began at dinner when SexyFoodandFilms suddenly smelled rotten eggs.


I'm sure we've all gotten a whiff of one of those farts. Often, they're of the "silent, but deadly" variety.

When she couldn't help but react, even needing to leave the room for a bit, her husband told her that it must have been Jerry.

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Now, if you have dogs, you've blamed at least one stinky fart on them.

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Even small dogs can let loose a sizeable stinker.

SexyFoodandFilms knows this and assumed it was just a one-off, but it kept on happening at random times.

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"I lit candles, incense - NOTHING WORKED. This whole time I thought it was the dog and said ok, f--- it, I'm taking him to the vet. A fart this stinky isn't normal."

Unsplash | Rebecca Peterson-Hall

Throughout the week leading to the appointment, the smell kept happening and her husband kept quiet.

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The first visit was about what you'd expect. The vet couldn't find anything wrong with Jerry and recommended a change in diet.

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Just like for humans, certain foods can cause more or stinkier gas.

"So I changed the diet but the stink continued. I was losing my god damn mind - and my husband still kept his mouth shut. The vet was EXTREMELY confused and ordered a bunch of tests that cost a LOT. All the tests showed that the dog was fine. I'm losing my mind here. My anxiety started kicking in - what if there's something wrong with him? What if we lose him? I'm so stressed out."

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After weeks of stress and worry, SexyFoodandFilms finally broke down.


As she panicked and cried over the idea that Jerry was sick and they couldn't figure out why and that he could die, her husband finally owned up to the truth.

"You have to understand this nonsense has been going on for 5 WEEKS my husband confesses that the farts weren't the dog but were him.

"Y'all, I lost it."

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She told him that she needed him to be gone for a while before she could be rational about this, so he went to stay with some friends for the day.


"To be clear, I didn't mind he lied in the moment," she adds. "But he KNEW we were going to the vet, the vet was confused. He EVEN WENT TO THE VET APPOINTMENTS WITH ME. It takes him a full on panic attack and mental breakdown to say the truth?"

Even his mother called him an idiot.

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He saw his doctor, who recommended a diet change to help with the rotten egg farts, which duh.

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Which brings us back to the vet bills. If you have a pet, you know how much those can add up.

"I told him in no uncertain terms that he has to pay me back my half of the vet bills out of his savings/fun money and the household budget was not made to accommodate his bullshit."

Though he agreed to pay, he isn't happy about it, and that left SexyFoodandFilms wondering if she's an asshole for insisting on it.

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Absolutely not.

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A lot of commenters noted that it wasn't just cruel to her, but to Jerry.

"NTA. That was so cruel to the dog. How many times did the vet draw blood for these tests?" said Music_withRocks_In, "And man, stressing out your pregnant wife for no reason is just putting your baby at risk. He should pay all of the vet costs. He needs to grow himself some maturity before the baby gets here."

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Many people noted that yeah, blaming farts on the dog is a thing people do sometimes.

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Emilyarran said, "Yeah, I've definitely blamed a one-off stinky fart on our dog before, but if my husband ever even mentioned taking her to the vet I would come clean immediately.

"To do that for FIVE WEEKS is so ridiculous. And for what?? To save yourself some embarrassment from your wife??"

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A few people thought she might have overreacted to the farts, but any sudden change like that is worth a vet check.

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Your pet can't tell you if they're feeling sick, so you have to work with the signs you're given.

Cultural-Garbage2230 wins for the best comment to sum up the whole situation:

"NTA. This brings a whole new meaning to the term 'gaslighting.'"

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What gets me is that fact that SexyFoodandFilms says that they've been married for years and regularly fart in front of each other.

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Sure, he may have been embarrassed by the sheer potency his had recently acquired, but the time to speak up is before the first vet appointment.

SexyFoodandFilms is well within her rights to expect him to pay the hundreds of dollars in unneeded vet bills, in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

h/t: Reddit

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