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Study Finds Half Of Parents Surveyed Butt Heads With Grandparents Over Parenting Style

Lex Gabrielle 10 Nov 2020

When couples have their first child, it's safe to say that we oftentimes look to our parents for advice and guidance on how to raise children. It's only natural that we would look to those who have raised us to help us raise our own children. Experience oftentimes is the best teacher in terms of doing things the "right way."

While we love and appreciate our parents, sometimes our ideologies don't exactly match up.

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Although looking to our parents is a source of comfort and safety, sometimes when we ask them parenting advice, their ideas and ideologies don't exactly match up with our own.

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This can be for a number of reasons.

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With society evolving more and more every day and things changing rapidly in terms of social norms and technology, it's not the same world that our parents were raising us in.

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Sometimes, it can be hard to tell our parents we totally disagree with their parenting styles.

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As they've successfully raised us, it can be a hard battle for individuals to tell their parents that they disagree with their "style" of parenting. However, it's not uncommon.

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According to a new study, over half of parents surveyed disagree or butt heads with grandparents over their parenting style.

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As it so happens, a new study published indicates that half of parents surveyed actually disagree, and even have conflicts, with grandparents over their parenting practices.

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The study came from C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll in which they asked parents a series of questions regarding their parenting.

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The study looked at a national sample of 2,016 responses from parents with kids who ranged in age from birth-18-years-old. Additionally, the study reported that about 89% of the children see their grandparents occasionally.

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According to the study's responses, a lot of parents did say they have conflict with the child's grandparents over their style of parenting.

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37% of the parents surveyed said that they have had "minor" disagreements with grandparents over parenting styles and some even say that these conflicts impacted the relationship that children have had with their grandparents.

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The conflicts and disagreements range in topic.

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The study reported that the most common disagreements were over discipline, meals and snacks, TV and screen time, manners, health and safety, treating children the same, bedtime, and even social media usage.

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The most common, however, was discipline.

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The study reports that 57% of parents surveyed disagree with grandparents on discipline. 40% of parents think that grandparents are too soft on their kids, while 14% said they were too tough.

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If you feel like you've been butting heads with your own parents or in-laws over your kids, know you're not alone.

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For those who are struggling with understanding the conflicts between families, just know that you are not alone. As it turns out, many parents feel the same exact same way!

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