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'Plus-Size Princess Project' Aims To Prove That Disney Princesses Come In All Sizes

For years, beauty standards have unfairly dictated that women need to fit into a distinct mold to be viewed as attractive. Sadly, society is still slow to accept the notion that beauty can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

That's why it's so heartwarming to see activists and influencers actively work to change the narrative and show the world that beauty is diverse.

One such glowing example is the "Plus-Size Princess Project," an initiative spearheaded by influencer Natasha Polis, that showcases plus-size women dressed as Disney princesses. The message: we're all beautiful and we all possess the magic of a Disney princess, regardless of size.

Just like true Disney princesses, they're defying the odds to tell their own stories, and we love it.

Beauty is boundless.

Polis was inspired by her desire for people to see inclusivity and representation within Disney princesses, who although inspirational in their own right, don't always reflect women of different colors and body types.

As soon as Polis began to share the idea, there were many women that were immediately on board, as they were looking for the same kind representation.

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It's time to live happily ever after with diversity.

For many girls and women who don't fit the traditional type of a Disney princess — that is, thin and predominantly white — it can feel isolating in a society that leaves out their size and color.

However, sometimes the most heroic thing is for princesses to take a stand and be their own rescuers, and that's what Polis and her friends did.

These influencers teamed up to flip the script, and protect their narratives while celebrating their beauty.

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It's time to sing a new tune.

Recreating princesses like Cinderella, Elsa, Mulan, Snow White, and even non-princess characters like Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland, these women are choosing their own special storybook endings that don't rely on anyone else's standards but their own.

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May representation be a spell that's never broken.

"I love to emphasize plus-size fashion and show characters in larger bodies," Polis said to Insider. "I really wanted to create a project that would show people that we want inclusivity and diversity in our Disney princesses, and that we can do it — regardless of body shape, size, skin color, or background."

The project included collaborators like Alysse Dalessandro Santiago who advocates for LGBTQ+ communities, and Adriana of @bibbidibobbidi_broke who advocates for the Black community, including other game-changing members.

"My favorite thing is when I get comments saying 'I found so many new plus-size influencers to follow,'" Polis said. "So it's been super exciting to see that."

Let us know what you think of the Plus-Size Disney Project in the comments below!

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