Win Secret Santa This Year With An Easy DIY Tipsy Tree

Brittany Rae 10 Nov 2020

You know those novelty displays of pop cans, wine bottles, and other foods that grocery stores build into the shape of Christmas trees every year?

Well, it's your turn to have one of those. Boozy Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes, and yup — they're all very drinkable. Best of all, you can even make your own version of these tipsy trees for the ultimate Secret Santa gift. Let's check them out.

So, we all know what "regular" booze trees look like.

They're the novelty displays you see in stores. Some are pretty intricate, like this one. Others are just boxes stacked on top of each other.

These trees have taken that idea and shrunk them way down.

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Some people give away trees as gifts!

This tiny tree was done up for a gift exchange, and it's so cute! The most popular form of a boozy tree involves miniature bottles, which can be used as tiny ornaments. Nice.

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Some are a little less green...

And handmade! These trees are the perfect display for your Christmas alcohol, especially those tiny bottles that get popular at this time of year. This one was made by @thecrafthousefl!

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Some take a more literal approach.

Unlike the first tree, this one is done up to the nines in tinsel and lights! It really makes the bottles shine, don't you think?

Ah, the holidays. Where anything goes.

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Some trees have shot ornaments!

Facebook | The Wine Cellar & Cheese Shop

You can actually buy empty ornaments to fill with your favorite beverage! This is the perfect gift for DIY enthusiasts — you know they would want to decorate that thing.

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Some get a little creative with it.

You could hang them on the tree, or you could make a tree out of them. Or you could stick the greenery inside the cans and make a little hybrid, like this tree.

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Of course, some just have actual ornaments on them.

We can't count out ornaments that are shaped like bottles and glasses! These ornaments are perfect small gifts or stocking stuffers for your friends. A wine glass one would be ideal for a wine mom, let's be real.

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This one is made from tinsel, so it's extra sparkly!

Pinterest | The Super Fun Party Mom

These tinsel trees can be found at most dollar stores. Just add your booze bottles with some double-sided tape or hot glue, add a bow, and boom! You're ready to go.

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The college crowd's booze trees look exactly the way you'd expect them to.

Honestly, I'm including this because of how hilariously predictable it is. I'm gonna give them points for the structure, as well as the cohesive organization of the cans. Good job, lads.

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So, what tree will you build?

I'm thinking something like this, which would be SUCH a cute gift to give in a Secret Santa! It's quick, easy, and they'll enjoy it through the holiday season.

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