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10+ Confusing Designs That Left Us With A Lot Of Questions

Brittany Rae 10 Nov 2020

Do you love simple and straight-forward designs that get the job done? Sadly, the designs in this article don't fall into that category. Instead, we're going to highlight a few designs that left us with some questions. A lot of questions. Namely, why? And also, how?

Buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

1. I have one question: why?

Reddit | jbird2525

Like, carpet in a bathroom is bad enough. But to carpet all the way around the tub? What was the reason? Can you imagine stepping out of the tub and squishing your toes into wet carpet?

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2. This neighbor is a menace.

Reddit | Mssmjc

This person's neighbors went and built a deck that looks directly into their bedroom. First of all, that deck does NOT look safe. Second of all, what kind of view is that?

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3. We have to just leave nature alone, guys.

Reddit | allout_atl

"If only there was a cheaper, aesthetically pleasing, more natural way to get shade."

Even if the leaves are annoying to clean up, it's much better than whatever this mess is.

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4. Motorcycle parking only.

Reddit | 0p_0s

What's the point of even making this a parking space? This is by far the most infuriating thing I see in parking lots. I mean, I'm not a jerk... but if I was one, I'd totally try and park there, anyway.

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5. Whoever designs women's pockets is a demon.

Reddit | definitelynottori

"Women’s pockets can fit less [than] half of a Switch lite, whereas men’s pockets can fit a whole Switch."

I swear, it's a conspiracy to get us to buy purses.

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6. What soap is this holder meant for?

Reddit | fuchhyeeah

I wonder if it was designed for one specific soap? Like it was sold as a gift set with that soap in it? That's the only explanation I can come up with for this useless thing that doesn't even hold soap like it's supposed to!!

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7. This is extremely unhelpful, thanks.


The "zoom" feature on this website actually just makes the object smaller. That's so helpful, thank you so much! I would totally want to know what my future worktop looks like slightly smaller.

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8. I have nightmares that look exactly like this.

Reddit | squishysockz

No, really. I have actual nightmares that look exactly like this. Can you imagine sitting down to do your business and realizing someone else can see your whole butt?

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9. Wow.

Reddit | Cityboy216

Either uninstall and drywall over the outlet, or cut around the outlet and leave some space. Why was "just run the counter over it" an option? Oh my goodness.

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10. There IS such a thing as too much of the color black.

Reddit | AnDrEwlastname374

I didn't think it was possible. I don't own a piece of clothing that isn't black. But this? I'm saying it. It's too much black.

They should have made the card matte at least, to give people a chance to see the numbers. Sheesh.

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11. Who is this shower for?

Reddit | yeetermano1

Is that shower head for just washing your hair while still sitting? Are you supposed to only use the bathtub? Is this for kids, or very short people? I have so many questions and so few answers.

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12. Whatever genius used these glasses...get well soon.

Reddit | AudsOrEvens

This beer flight looks great! It sure would be nice if you could actually, I don't know, get the glass out. Unfortunately, the bottom bell is too large to fit through the hole. Neat.

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13. There's no fixing this.

Reddit | Cyrinne

No matter which way you flip the plates, they'll never line up properly. I just want to have a word with whoever designed this. The word is, "WHY?"

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14. This has to be in the top 10 worst umbrella designs.

Reddit | nartb

The rest all involve umbrellas with holes, for the record. Why would you design an umbrella with a droplet pattern on it? You'll never be sure if it's actually wet until it's too late!

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