Man Casually Eats Pizza In The Delivery Room During Wife's Labor And People Have Thoughts

Giving birth is stressful for almost all soon-to-be parents — especially the ones birthing the baby. But not only is it painful and, for some, anxiety-inducing, but it can also last a long time.

Understandably, in that time, a person may grow hungry and think about getting a snack at some point, hopefully during a lull in the birthing process. But the whole point of having a partner in the delivery room is to have additional emotional support, regardless of one's hunger levels, right?

Many women wouldn't find labor to be a laughing matter.

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While everyone's experience is different, it's undeniable that childbirth is painful. So, if you're going to have someone in the delivery room to support you, understanding and respecting the level of discomfort you're feeling is paramount.

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You'd hope that the person in the delivery room with you would recognize how distressing the pain levels can be, and at least attempt to offer some solace.


It's true, labor can last a long time, and loved ones and partners need the occasional break to eat, shower, and use the bathroom.

It takes a great deal of patience, but there are definitely some things that wouldn't typically be acceptable to do while your wife is in labor.

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And surely, the last thing you'd expect would be for your partner to order food in the delivery room.

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Everyone gets hungry at some point, especially if you're sitting around waiting for something to happen. But when that "something to happen" is the birth of your child, you'd expect that hunger would take a backseat.

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That wasn't the case for one man sitting by his partner's side in the delivery room.


This soon-to-be dad thought it would be hilarious to post a picture of him eating pizza while watching the mother of his baby writhing in pain.

Not only that, but to add to his little joke, he posted to Reddit's popular r/Trashy community for unbiased commenters to weigh in, and they had plenty to say.

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He went all in.

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This future father's photo caption — “It’s not delivery it’s DiGiorno" — was the cherry on top of his hilarity.

He didn't just go for this labor photo joke, he committed, and his wife will have to live with that for the rest of their lives, for better or for worse.

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For many, he had crossed the line.

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For many Reddit users, not only was this not funny, it was blatantly disrespectful.

One commenter wrote: "He could at least piss off to eat his dinner instead of having a big old chuckle about how many upvotes he’s gonna get over a dumb picture."

There were other similar comments from people that were just not impressed by his sense of humor.

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"He’s not supporting her."

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Another commenter wrote: "He’s not supporting her, he’s eating pizza and taking pictures of her in pain. My husband was by my side, helping me get through contractions, not ignoring me."

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For others, the man's actions were hilarious.

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Some Reddit commenters thought this picture was not only funny, but also reminiscent of their own labor stories.

One wrote: "My husband and I have inside jokes and this is exactly the sort of thing we would do. Plus I wouldn't want him to starve during a possible 14h+ labour."

Another said: "Bruh my dad got his Nintendo Wii while i was born."

All in all, this part of the audience didn't find his picture trashy at all.

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We'll probably never know how the joke went over with the mom.

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Hopefully, she has the same sense of humor. Or at the very least, a very forgiving spirit.

Do you think his photo was hilarious and realistic or extremely insensitive and rude? Let us know where you stand in the comments. Is this father trashy?

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