Red And Green 'Christmas' Succulents Are The Holly Jolly Houseplant To Display Year-Round

Brittany Rae 11 Nov 2020

Your eyes are not deceiving you: Christmas succulents really are a thing, and they really are adorable. (Then again, aren't all succulents adorable?)

Christmas succulents, aka echeveria, are a type of succulent that boasts bright green leaves and rich, red tips. I can hear the tropical jingle bells from here, can't you?

So, Christmas succulents.


How much do you totally want one now? They're adorable! Like most succulents, they're incredibly easy to care for, and they look stunning. We love a lot of reward for a little effort!

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The succulent forms a rosette.

Which makes it even more Christmas-y, wouldn't you say? This succulent, unlike others, stays pretty tight to itself. The rosette will maintain its shape, even as it grows.

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This is a good example of it looking more relaxed.

You can see that the leaves still keep close to themselves, which really helps maintain the Christmas/rose look. It's kind of like having some Christmas magic with you year-round!

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Caring for it is pretty easy, too.

It's a succulent, so naturally it likes to be in full sun. It actually blooms in the spring and produces gorgeous white and yellow flowers! The rest of the year, it's a Christmas fantasy.

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It isn't a fan of being over-watered.

It prefers to be watered, but not too much. Make sure the pot it's in has a drainage hole, since it doesn't like to sit in water. Make sure the soil is soaked, and don't water it again until the soil is totally dry.

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It doesn't like cold temperatures, either.

So don't keep it outdoors, or even near a drafty window! These plants are happiest at warmer temperatures. Keep it healthy by avoiding any temperature extremes.

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If you're planting it outdoors, make sure it's in full sun.

And if it's indoors, make sure to place it where it can soak up the most sun during the day. We don't want it to start wilting!

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They're the perfect addition to your Christmas decor.

Especially if you want more of a tropical or desert-themed Christmas! I absolutely want that, which is why I'm totally going to buy one of these. It's a Christmas succulent, after all!

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You can buy one online!

A number of online retailers offer Christmas succulents, which makes starting your succulent journey easy. You can order a potted one from E-Succulent for $13.95!

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