People Are Making Snow Globe Terrariums That Look Like Little Winter Wonderlands

Brittany Rae 11 Nov 2020

Terrariums, but make it Christmas: that's the idea behind these festive, fun, DIY decorations!

Whether you're building your own or wanting to buy one already built, Christmas terrariums are the perfect piece of decor for your friendly, neighborhood plant-lover. Let's check them out!

You can add anything you want to your little terrarium.

This one features a bowl full of "snow," aka salt. A little fake tree, some rocks, and a sleeping puppy complete the terrarium! I love that the tree lights up.

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They've even made them into necklaces!

Etsy | mixedupdolly

This snow plant terrarium from mixedupdolly on Etsy is an adorable way to bring your love of plants to your holiday party jewelry! It's available for $13.74!

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Some are turned into ornaments.

Okay, I totally want one of these. How adorable is this terrarium ornament? This is a great stocking stuffer or gift for a plant lover, and it's so easy to make!

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This terrarium is definitely more on the display side.

I say "terrarium," because there's some greenery in here. You can really stretch the limits of the word when it comes to Christmas decor. I mean, why not, right?

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You can keep it traditional, too.

This terrarium is full of real, living plants that all live in harmony with one another. The addition of the string lights gives it a holiday feel that doesn't go overboard!

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If you're of the geeky persuasion...

You absolutely have to do a winter terrarium that features your favorite pop culture! This TARDIS looks right at home in the snow. You could also do a Hoth-themed Star Wars one. I know, I'm a genius.

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This one has a whole little winter scene!

Everyone loves a vibrant color palette, right? This terrarium features some curious deer wandering around a bright, colorful forest with a gorgeous epoxy river running through it.

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You can also build a Christmas tree in yours!

This one features an adorable angel, some ornaments, and other Christmas-themed knick knacks to celebrate the water season! Is that a small, white tree I spot on the side?

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Even your cactus plants can get in on the wintery fun.

This terrarium evokes the feel of winter in a very subtle way. The white sand, wood pieces, and golden rocks resemble a very rustic, winter scene. This is a look that could stay out all season long!

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These air plants look right at home.

I love how these air plants fit perfectly into this little winter scene. Looking at this brings the phrase "Walking in a winter wonderland," to mind, doesn't it?

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This is a great project for kids and adults alike.

Everyone of all ages can enjoy putting together a tiny slice of winter for their home! Whether you use real or fake plants, don't forget to have fun with your creation!

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