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Guy Asks Who's Wrong In Argument Over Girlfriend's Work Attire And Gets Roasted

Amy Pilkington 12 Nov 2020

It's the year 2020 and despite the river of crazy we've been swimming against, I like to think that we are making some progress against the current.

And then a story like this one comes up and I'm not sure whether to roll my eyes, facepalm, or start swearing.

Buckle up for a meal where the chef's misogyny-tinged self-centeredness is paired with a delightful vintage of zero self-awareness.

Reddit | TASorrynotsorry

Reddit's r/AmItheAsshole community tends to average more Not The Asshole (NTA) verdicts than You're The Asshole (YTA) ones.

This seems to be due to the fact that people trying to do good in a bad situation often second-guess themselves. Whereas assholes rarely do.

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The fact that this particular person used the throwaway username of TASorrynotsorry, pretty much sets the tone.


He starts by laying out the fact that he doesn't think he's wrong here, but everyone else does, so here he is.

"So I (43M) don’t think I’m in the wrong here, but my mother is very angry at me, and my best friend said I was a horrible person for saying what I did and I’d be lucky if my girlfriend didn’t put me out with the garbage, since I decided I wanted to act like trash."

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Cheers to the best friend telling him like it is.

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It's never a good sign when the person posing the situation for judgment is starting from the assumption that they aren't the problem here.

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Most people who look at his question probably thought the same thing.

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Of course it's not okay to police what your romantic partner wears, regardless of gender.

However, in this case, he's purposely obfuscated the actual issue by framing it as simply being that he doesn't "like" what she's wearing, which makes it sound like a subjective query.

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So how does she dress for work? Well basically, she's Ms. Frizzle.


We're talking themed, patterned dresses that now even include a matching mask, which is totally COVID chic.

So yeah, it's a statement, but here's the kicker: she's a preschool teacher.

Additionally, she makes almost all of the dresses herself.

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"My girlfriend (34F) is a preschool teacher and for some reason I can’t explain she dresses like Ms. Frizzle."


"For some reason I can't explain."

Dude, the reason is right there in your sentence!

Plus, he adds, "The kids love it, and the parents seem to think it’s great. I don’t like the amount of attention she gets honestly."

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Ding ding ding! There's the real crux of the issue.


It's also here that he admits that the issue isn't that she's wearing these dresses in the classroom, but that she doesn't always go home to change out of them before running errands after work.

This came to a head when she went shopping with his mother after work recently, "still in her weird dress."

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"I have told her before I don’t like when she dresses that way, but she tells me I don’t have to like it, but I have no right to tell her how to dress."

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Good for her!

Instead of just being a grown-up about this, he decided to lie to her instead.

"I was upset she went out like that with my mother, and told her that my mom said she was embarrassed and to ask that she please not dress like that again if they’re going out."

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Yep, he tried to use his own mother to police his girlfriend's clothing.


Since the girlfriend is obviously close enough with his mom to go shopping together, she called the woman to apologize for embarrassing her and the lie was revealed.

Mom called TASorrynotsorry and ripped him a new one.

"My mom then yelled at me for lying to my girlfriend and trying to throw her under the bus because I was being an insecure jerk."

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I love every other person in this story. They are not giving him an inch.


"My girlfriend and I got into a huge fight. I said she should be embarrassed to be seen in public like that. She said the only thing she was embarrassed by was me," he continues, "She hasn’t spoken to me or done anything for me since."

Does he even get how that sounds?

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So yeah, the You're The Asshole verdict was pretty much inevitable.

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"YTA, OP. But, your mom sounds cool," said RosalieThornehill. Which: same.

Tezhrian said, "This is one of the most clear-cut YTA posts I've ever seen. When I first read that she was a preschool teacher, I thought you were going to say that she's dressing like a stripper or something, but making her own dresses that have some relevance to the subject that she's teaching is awesome!"

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He doesn't help himself in his replies to the comments, either.


"I don’t think she’s mine, but no I don’t like the way guys stare at her. I obviously don’t take her opinion into consideration since she dresses so ridiculously."


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Many people expressed their love for The Magic School Bus and how enthusiastic teachers like this one were always their favorites.


Theshutupguy said

"I'm trying to imagine an episode of The Magic School Bus where Ms. Frizzle's old-ass boyfriend shows up and starts telling her how to dress."

Ms. Frizzle wouldn't put up with that...and she'd turn it into a teaching moment.

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If you're reading all this and wondering why such a cool lady was with the guy, then you'll be happy to know that she isn't anymore.


In an edit to the original post, he said:

"I’m sure you all will be pleased to know we broke up tonight. She said I’m to [sic] controlling and narrow minded so she broke up with me."

I hope she was wearing her brightest, happiest dress when she did it too.

h/t: Reddit

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