11+ Awesome Dads Who Make It All About Their Kids

Brittany Rae 13 Nov 2020

The world is weird. Time for some wholesome dad content.

These dads take their roles very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they went above and beyond to make their kids happy. In turn, they also made us internet users happy when they shared their cute posts online. Everyone, get the tissues ready.

1. This dad pretended to get vaccinated so that his daughter wouldn't be scared.

Reddit | natsdorf

The whole levels here are over 5000, guys. In order to make sure she was comfortable, he and the nurse conspired to give him some fake vaccinations before his daughter got the real ones. Teamwork!

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2. This dad built his daughter a bunk bed castle.

Reddit | Foolishcoyote

I wish I'd had one of these as a kid! For her fifth birthday, this dad decided to build his daughter an entire bunk bed — castle included. I love the little windows!

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3. This grandpa might be a wizard.

Reddit | thelastremake

"My youngest son asked my dad if he knew a wizard who could tell him where to find magic treasure. My dad made a map and hid magic treasures around our property and took him on a treasure hunt."

My heart is SO FULL.

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4. This new dad just gave his child the best blackmail material.

Reddit | Quentin_the_Quaint

"Put on my dad uniform today and began the journey of fatherhood! I had to use my dads actual shoes cause my wife wouldn’t let me buy dad shoes."

That kid is going to be so happy when they come across this picture years from now.

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5. This dad is raising a future Trekkie.

Reddit | u/YouHearBlahBlah

"This dad handmade (knitting and sewing) a Spock costume for his 3-year-old daughter who lives on the other side of the country."

This outfit is only logical.

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6. This grandpa deserves an award.

Reddit | robtheirishman

"Tidying out my gran’s shed and rediscovered the mini bench press my grandad welded for me 20 years ago so I could workout with my dad when I was 5. Words can’t describe how much this means to me."

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7. This dad knows how to have a good time at the beach.

Reddit | u/ghandi253

"This dad letting his little girls apply sunscreen to his face. They're doing a terrible job, but he's pretending to bite at their fingers and making them laugh. So wholesome."

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8. This dad looks great.

Reddit | u/sushiporn

"This dad noticed his son to be more reluctant to wear a dress in public when they moved to a more conservative part of Germany and decided to throw on a skirt out of solidarity. Truly great parenting."


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9. This dad built his kids a ROLLERCOASTER.

Reddit | CaptainPie00a

Apparently, you can buy backyard rollercoaster kids. What I want to know is... will this fit on my apartment balcony? Because I need one of these, ASAP.

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10. This dad put his graphic design skills to adorable use.

Reddit | Fuqubro

He takes the images his kids draw and creates them in Photoshop, for real! I would not like to see what a monster looked like, would you?

Anyway, this is so sweet and so creative.

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11. This dad built him son a crazy stroller.

Reddit | u/jeffiguritout

Now, this was spotted at Disneyland, but it gets even better — these two are infamous in LA! They've also been spotted at a farmer's market with their little setup. I love it.

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12. This dad is a true artist.

Reddit | mumyork

He draws a new piece of art on his son's lunch bag every single day! Can you imagine how famous that kid must be at school? I'd be dying to see what the next creation would be.

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13. This dad found a way for his daughter, who is blind, to hunt for Easter eggs.

Reddit | sunbolts

And the story is wild. He contacted a member of his local bomb squad who knew how to build tiny eggs that beep. To date, bombs squad technicians have built and donated over $10,000 worth of beeping Easter eggs!

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14. This dad opened his own little salon.

Reddit | u/hiiamnemo

This was worth it for the look on her face, let's be real. She's so happy! I love dads who are unafraid to do things that are traditionally considered "girly." Heck yeah, dads.

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