10+ Women Who Took A Chance By Dramatically Changing Their Hair

Brittany Rae 13 Nov 2020

To cut your hair, or to not cut your hair? That is the ultimate question. On the one hand, change is good! But, at the same time, I think we've all been scarred by a dramatic new look that didn't quite suit us, and we spent the next six months wearing a hat.

For these people, they took the risk and it paid off — big time.

1. It's actually pretty easy being green.

I love dramatic transformations that don't involve big chops. Instead, this hair was dyed to a gorgeous ombré emerald green, and I am OBSESSED. That fading is so good!

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2. From fried to healthy.

Reddit | VickyRhinoHooffs

This woman truly didn't think her hair could be saved, but a good hairstylist proved her wrong! Now, her hair is healthy and happy. And that pinky-purple is so beautiful!

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3. Time to fire things up.

Reddit | cacaw253

This new color is... well, fire. There's definitely reds, but my eye is totally drawn to the orange! I love the way they seamlessly blend together. This looks amazing!

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4. Believe it or not, this involved no heat.

Reddit | czaranxiety

It's not a perm, and a curling iron wasn't used. Instead:

"Before and after, no perm, just cut to my texture and FINNALLY GETTING THE RIGHT SHAPE IM OBSESSED. CURLS FOR DAYS YALL IM IN LOVE."

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5. A little chop goes a long way.

Reddit | chasinggdragonss

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Lisa Kudrow? That chop seriously makes her look like Phoebe from Friends. It's such a good look.

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6. It's mullet time.

Here's a tip from the stylist on how to add texture to fine hair:

"Fine hair CAN have layers as long as you do them correctly (no blunt stair-steppy layers) and you use something in it to help keep a lil' grit in it so it doesn't fall too flat."

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7. We love a blonde moment!

Reddit | ito_hinata

This color job looks so elegant and effortless. I am actually mesmerized by how it gradually transforms from brunette to blonde. Ladies, if you're thinking of doing a gradient color job, bring in this photo for reference!

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8. This red hair is a total shake-up.

I love that she kept the longer hair, just changed up the color! This really goes to show that you don't have to chop it all off to do something wild.

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9. Bangs are such a serve.

Reddit | u/eb1608

"I’ve pretty much had my hair like the picture on the left my whole life, so it’s a huge change for me but I kinda love it!"

I ALSO love it!

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10. This is genuinely shocking.

Reddit | queens0n

"I have pretty bad depression, I go days without brushing my hair sometimes, but today I got it done into something fun. I am just so happy with how it turned out!"

Love how this turned out!

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11. Chop, chop!

Reddit | ThivyaM

I could say something, but I'll let this comment on Reddit do the talking for me:

"I like both. On the left I would be friends with you and on the right I would follow you into battle (and also be friends with you but you look like you have bigger priorities)"


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12. This is a big change.

Reddit | Szebanyi

She kept the rainbow, but went back to her natural color to give her roots a break! This is a great way to have color, but also make sure your hair isn't damaged beyond repair.

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13. This haircut changed her life.

Reddit | sisa444

"My hair loss helped me make a big “beauty” decision. Cutting and dying it made me gain back my confidence and stop obsessing over 'hair beauty standards'."

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14. Sometimes, a chop is all that's needed.

Reddit | plumeria_zee

"I have always had long hair, I’m so happy I finally changed it!"

I can't believe this is their first big chop! It looks amazing, and those bangs are the perfect amount of wispy.

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