A Boozy Pickle Box Is The Cukest Gift For Your Gherkin Lovin’ Friends

What is it, exactly, about the pickle that makes us love it so? Is it the tanginess? The crunch? The fact that it has almost no calories and its juice is the perfect addition to a martini? (Yeah, that's probably it.)

But sometimes — and don't get mad at me! — you just don't feel like making the martini. Seriously, the measuring, the mixing, the shaking...I need an at-home bartender. Seeing as that's not going to happen anytime soon, maybe I'll just serve up some boozy pickles. It's the best of all worlds!

Yes, that's right, there's such a thing as boozy pickles, and you can order them for direct delivery to your house.

So, pull up a pickle, and let's get this cool and unusual happy hour underway.

Let the flavors be your guide.

The Boozy Pickles Box from Mouth comes packed with a variety of pickles and pickled vegetables all infused with booze. Because there is a god!

I'm talking whiskey sour, gin, and even Bloody Mary-soaked snacks.

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It's the kind of treat that just pickles me pink, ya know?

For those that are looking for flavor with a kick, look no further. These varieties don't disappoint when it comes to diversity.

With options like Tequila Jalapeños, Drunken Tomatoes, and the playful Pickles Under Ginfluence, it may be time to get the party started.

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The possibilities are limitless.

The best part about these is that when you've polished off all the edible goods, it's time to get into the boozy juice. You know, because it would be wasteful to throw anything out.

You can use the leftover liquid to make what the company calls "quickles," quickie boozy marinated vegetables of your own. Or — and honestly, this sounds much more fun — just use the juice to spice up your favorite cocktails.

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Let's get this pickle party started.

Go on and pick your pickles. This is truly the snack that keeps on giving, while saving you time and calories.

You can order the Boozy Pickles Box on Mouth for $61.50, and it includes four premium jars of booze-infused pickles, tomatoes, and jalapenos.

Are you ready to get marinated? Let us know what you think of these boozy pickles in the comments.

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