11+ Genius Designs That Help Use Every Inch Of Space

Brittany Rae 16 Nov 2020

Are you short on space? Same. Those of us who live in small spaces know the struggle of trying to find or create functional storage.

Well, we don't have to suffer for long. These designs are here to inspire us, make us jealous, or get our butts out to the store. Let's do this.

1. Take tea vertical.

Reddit | Tramstorm

Every inch counts inside drawers and cupboards, so why not try this out? This stacked organizer has every tea essential you can imagine. I love those little wooden organizers!

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2. This person is a visionary.

Reddit | low_power_mode

"I don’t have much closet space for linens in my tiny apartment so I turned an over the door shoe holder in the bathroom into this!"

That is the BEST idea!

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3. This table is built into the counter!

This is meant to be a proper table that comes out of the counter, but I would totally use this for extra workspace in the kitchen! How handy.

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4. These cupboards have hanging drawers in them.

Instagram | @joesphjoesphofficial

Um, hello, new favorite thing! These are from the Cupboard Store, and they are super handy. Can you imagine how much functionality you'd get out of your cupboards with these?

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5. Any small space is a space that needs a desk.

Little alcoves like this are ideal places for small offices. Since many of us are stuck on the work from home train these days, why not try out making a home office in an unexpected place?

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6. This desk pulls out into a bed!

This is a great solution for a kid's playroom. The desk pulls out into a single bed, which is ideal for sleepovers. When they're not using it, it's a handy little desk area!

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7. This counter has a built-in cutting board.

Like the built-in table, this counter has a cutting board built in that doubles as a extra counter space. This is so damn clever. All kitchens need one of these.

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8. The trash bin does it all.

Seriously, what can't it do? it can hang on your cupboard, it can stand up on its own, it can fold out to fit more garbage, it can be tucked away... I love it.

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9. This counter has a secret table.

I love the idea of a counter having a waterfall feature that turns out to be a table, you know? This is so handy, and the stool would tuck away so easily.

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10. I love a lofted bed.

Seriously, it's so smart. You get a bed that's up high, which just sounds fun to me. Plus, you get tons of new storage underneath it! What's not to love?

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11. This ladder is also a desk.

It's a ladder, it's a shelf, it's a tiny desk! I don't know if I'd get a lot of work done there, but it sure is nice to look at.

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12. This little unit holds so much stuff.

I have one like this from Ikea, and mine is full of shoes! Things that float on your walls are so handy and really help your floors feel less cluttered.

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13. This slide-out drawer is the best solution for bakeware.

Instagram | @home.orga

Seriously, I would love to have one of these. It has dividers inside it to keep everything from jumbling together and falling over! So, can I get this installed in my rental?

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14. These little drawer units are perfect for closets.

Instagram | @home.orga

Many of us don't get a lot of space for our clothes, especially in rentals. Adding in these units will give you the badly needed underwear and socks storage that closets without shelves lack.

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