10+ Online Orders That Didn't Arrive As Expected

Brittany Rae 16 Nov 2020

I think we all know by now that online shopping isn't perfect. There are bound to be some mistakes or miscommunications — that's just the nature of online shopping!

However, these photos go beyond the usual online shopping glitches. Honestly, I'm still confused as to how any of these incidents ever happened.

1. This plant deserved better.

Reddit | ItsMeMurphYSlaw

"For his birthday I ordered my boyfriend a plant he'd been wanting for ages, and it finally arrived just in time....."

I don't know who's fault this was, but I know I'm sad about it.

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Reddit | graingerous

This was supposed to be for a third birthday party. I think it's better suited to maybe an apocalypse party? The Swap Thing's birthday? Anything but what it was ordered for. Wow.

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3. This bag is just... ugly.

Reddit | Lilly_1337

Let's be clear: all bags with that effect aren't disappointing when you order them! Just the cheap ones. This one was clearly a knockoff of a way better bag.

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4. No effort was made here.

Reddit | OGPhlapjax

"I knew I was taking a gamble ordering from Wish.... but still, I couldn't stop laughing when my blanket finally arrived!"

That looks like one of those octopus-type Pokémon. Like, Tentacool or something.

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5. I will never understand Amazon packaging.

Reddit | Rofloflsauris

I get packages like this all the time, and it boggles the mind. Why don't they have smaller packages in their warehouses? Why do they waste boxes like this?

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6. These face masks owe Wonder Woman an apology.

Reddit | TrixiDelite

Face masks with someone's actual face on them are never going to work, let's be real. But these are even more tragic than I was expecting, tbh. The mouth is what gets me on the Harley Quinn one.

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7. These shoes are worse than they look.

"What I am wearing on my foot may look like an actual shoe, but more feels like fabric attached to a 2 x 4. And the fabric looked like it would be soft and flexible, when what I received was a good combo of a duffel bag mixed with a parachute."


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8. I'm sorry, this is hilarious.


"Amazon package didn’t seal properly so my lightbulbs fell out somewhere along the way. They delivered an open, empty bag."

I love the mental image of an Amazon delivery driver dropping this off. It's so funny.

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9. This was quite literally not what they paid for.

Reddit | kallebo1337

This bed was bought from a legitimate retailer, but it was not as advertised.

"I thought it’s a smooth led ring - instead it’s a 10$ one color light."

What a letdown, truly.

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10. This is incredible.

Reddit | mglenjoy

"I bought a cable tie cutter in Amazon and it came cable tied to the packaging."

This isn't anyone's fault, but this is incredibly funny. I love little moments of insanity like this.

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11. This is a shame.

Those boots could have been SO CUTE if they hadn't been knockoffs! Sometimes you have no idea that something is going to be a knockoff until it's way too late.

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12. Amazon strikes again.

Reddit | GRaTePHuLDoL

"Got this $10 bundle deal for two bags of these pork rinds and two different flavors of their bean dip, but of course everything shipped separately and via USPS. This hunker showed up on my porch this morning, I'm on the second floor too so kind of annoying hauling anything up those stairs."

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13. Amazon, why?

Reddit | sousaj

"Ordered 27 books from Amazon on a single order. Got 27 boxes with 1 book each delivered."

Can anyone who works for Amazon explain how something like this happens?

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14. Always do your research before buying from an ad.

Reddit | Michelleah89

Or you WILL end up with whatever that thing is on the right. Sidebar, does anyone else get totally sucked in by Instagram ads? Those things just know what I want.

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